ad | Summer is in full swing and before long, we’ll be saying goodbye to yet another school year and entering the Summer holidays. For teachers, this is a time of year they can relax a bit more, after all the hard work they’ve done over the school year. And if you’re a parent, then getting your child’s favourite teacher an end of term gift, is a great way to show your appreciation. In this teacher gift guide, we’ll be looking at some great ideas to choose from.

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Long gone are the days of gifting your teacher an apple! There are so many wonderful gift ideas out there for teachers these days that really show your appreciation for their hard work.

Teachers can have an incredibly profound impact on children and your child’s favourite teacher may be helping them in more ways than you realise.

Not only do they teach your children in their lessons but there’s so much other stuff that teachers have to do, to ensure your child is getting a good education. Don’t forget about parents evening, encouraging creativity, marking work, making lesson plans and safeguarding the children in their class.

So if you want to give your child’s favourite teacher a little treat at the end of this school year to show your gratitude to them, here are some ideas in this teacher gift guide for you!

It’s also a nice idea for your child to play an active part in the gift you’re going to give, so many sure you ask them what they’d like to give their teacher too.

Teacher Gift Guide: 4 End of Term Gift Ideas for Your Child’s Favourite Teacher:

Handmade gifts

Handmade gifts are a great idea, especially if you’re on a budget. And also a great option if your child likes crafts or doing artsy things. There are endless handmade gifts you could make, from sweet treats to handmade candles or body lotions, drawings and paintings or even pottery.

Personalized teacher gifts

I love personalized gifts and always try and include personalized gifts on any occasion. A personalized teacher gift is a great idea because you know they won’t have anything like is! You can find personalized tote bags for teachers which are a great idea as you know they’ll be useful as well.

Fun earrings for teachers

If your child has a teacher who you know is fun and likes colourful clothes, then these teacher earrings might be a great choice for them! From ‘The Very Hungry Catapillar’ to colourful crayons to stacks of books, these will definitely be a unique gift idea that will leave them smiling at the end of term.


Lots of people see vouchers as a cop-out but I think that’s absolute rubbish. A voucher is a great idea, especially if you don’t really know what someone likes and don’t want to buy something that’s going to go to waste. A simple voucher for a free Starbucks coffee or a free book from Waterstones could be exactly what your teacher needs.

There are plenty of things that are appropriate to gift a teacher at the end of term. For more gift ideas, check out teachergive! Don’t forget, a small gift, a token of your appreciation could make their year of hard work seem worth it!

Do you buy your child’s teachers end of term gifts? Let me know!

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