collaborative post | Many of us are now working from our homes. This means that we had to dedicate at least one corner of the house to a workstation. Also, there are those of you who managed to dedicate an entire room to creating a home office.

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However, besides simply getting a desk and a few shelves, you might need a bit more decor to truly make your home office shine. This is where wall art comes into play.

If you haven’t hung up any of the posters and art in your home office, here are several good reasons why you should do it.

It Can Improve Productivity

When you create an atmosphere that you enjoy in your home office, you will also start to enjoy working. Empty and dull walls will only provide an empty and dull mood.

And with art, you can majorly impact the atmosphere of the room, and thus your own mood. There is wall art that can help productivity and this can be any piece of art that will bring color to your office walls.

However, make sure that the art is not too distracting and that it is refreshing so you can still enjoy it and focus on your work.

It Can Be Inspiring

Another benefit of wall art is that it can bring inspiration. That is why you see many people bring art and posters with text into their home offices, as well as corporate ones.

If you too feel like you are stuck in a rut, then bring in text art posters with inspirational and motivational quotes of your choosing. These will certainly refresh the workspace and can be a seed of inspiration and creativity when you need it the most.

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It Can Reduce Stress

Stress is a huge element that everyone wants to avoid when working. Even though avoiding it is sometimes impossible, you can actually bring in pieces that can help control that stress.

Wall art can serve that purpose well. There are studies that have found that people find art peaceful and that it can help them calm down. Plus, there is research that shows that people who are viewing or engaging with art have lower levels of cortisol – the stress hormone.

Do some research on yourself and see which landscapes or types of art actually can calm you down. When you find it, make sure to surround yourself with those images and you will truly love coming to work every morning.

It Brings the Power of Color Psychology

Color psychology can affect how we feel, behave and think. That is why marketing teams think carefully about the colors they use. Similarly, art can influence how you feel in your work environment.

When choosing the wall art for your home office, pay attention to the colors and how they will affect your mood and motivation. For example, if you want to feel calm, rely on blue and green hues.

If you want a more inspiring atmosphere, go for art that features the color red.

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It Can Increase Your Happiness

There has been research that has shown that people feel happy when surrounded by art. Looking at art can have the same psychological effect as experiencing love, so be careful when choosing your next wall art.

Choose scenes and colors that will truly make you happy and bring a smile to your face whenever you look at your art. Plus, this can significantly lower the stress levels in your body and help you achieve serenity, even while working.

As you can see, wall art plays an essential role in our lives; especially in our home offices. It can help us feel inspired and motivated while it can help reduce any work-induced stress. So, when decorating your home office, take colors and art into consideration.

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