ad | The amazing thing about exercise is that it’s available to everyone. Of course everyone’s levels will vary but ultimately, working out doesn’t REQUIRE any fancy tools or equipment, nor does it have to cost a fortune in gym memberships or classes.

Personally, I spend very little on my exercise routine. If you’ve been around these parts for long enough, you’ll know that I’m an avid Yogi and use Yoga With Adriene religiously.

Her free YouTube channel has EVERYTHING you could need for a well-rounded Yoga routine (however her FWFG Membership is also a brilliant and affordable extra for those who want to delve further into the practice).

I also use a variety of different fitness influencers on YouTube for HIIT workouts, walking and toning routines and more. I really enjoy MadFit and Holly Dolke and can always find a huge range of different workouts to choose from from them – which don’t cost a penny!

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I spend £4.99 usually once a week to go swimming but other than that, that’s about as much as I spend on my exercise routine. 

There are certain tools and products that I’ve bought to aid my workouts – such as weights and a Yoga mat etc. – but like I said above, these definitely aren’t a necessity to have for a well-rounded exercise routine.

If you are looking to invest in some tools and products to boost your exercise routine and recovery, then I’ve listed some of my favourites below for you to consider!

But the amazing thing is, is that YouTube doesn’t cost a thing, nor does the great outdoors, which is always available for you to use for your exercise!

8 Tools To Aid Your Exercise Routine and Recovery:

Resistance band

If you enjoy your strength workouts, then a resistance band might be a good investment for you. Resistance band training can help build leg and glute muscles as well as strengthen knee joints and increase stabilizer muscles. They’re low-cost and effect and easy to take with you to classes.

Massage gun

Obviously a massage gun will be on the higher price end of the products featured in this post but it can also be an absolute God-send for anyone who does a lot of exercise, particularly for their recovery period.

I’ve always been interested to try one of these massage guns, as someone that goes for massages, I always thought it sounded like an absolute dream to have a tool at home that can help massage and soothe those aching muscles from exercise.

And I’m always aching somewhere. My shoulders, my lower back, my quads – I’ve always got some sort of muscle ache or pain. I can’t ring my beauty therapist up every day asking for massages!

So, I eagerly accepted the Q2 Mini Massage Gun from Bob and Brad to try myself. Here’s my thoughts!

It comes really well packaged in this compact little case, that contains everything including the gun, the different attachments and the instruction booklet. It really is mini, so perfect for travel as well.

Bob and Brad, of the brand name, are physical therapists themselves, so it’s comforting to know that the technology used in this product has come from professionals within the industry. They say:

After an injury or workout, your body repairs itself – but slowly. Q2 Mini Massage Gun intense vibrations provide immediate pain relief, and wake up muscles throughout your body, triggering a myofascial release and enhancing your body’s ability to regenerate cells and repair itself.

This massage gun is the easiest thing in the world to use. It comes charged, so you can turn it straight on and get going. There’s only one button – the on button. Which double up as the intensity button if pressed during use. It’s absolutely idiot proof.

Which is always a good start because with any new gadget like this, I don’t want to be spending ages trying to figure out how to use it or turn it on.

It’s also super easy to take each massage head out and pop a new one in. The device itself is weighty but not heavy, easy to grip, manoeuvre and navigate around your body. The design definitely gets a 10/10 for me as it’s straight-forward, easy and accessible.


I started with the round massage head for large muscle groups, like your quads, before moving on to the others. The lowest intensity is strong enough that you feel it working but definitely quite tame. Whilst the highest is quite intense and certainly wouldn’t be for everybody.

It was good to play around with the different intensity levels and it definitely depends on the body part. For example, my quads could manage higher intensity but my shoulders couldn’t.

But overall, I absolutely LOVED the feel of this massage gun! I know I’m going to get a lot of use out of it, especially on my lower back, hips and legs after a particularly leg-heavy workout.

In terms of safety, the machine won’t turn on when it’s charging and also stops after 20 minutes of continual use.

It retails at £79.99, which although is a higher price point for an exercise product, I believe is worth the money if you’re into your workouts and will get a lot of use out of it. Perhaps if you play a sport, like football or tennis.

It would also make a great gift for Christmas for an exercise lover or sporty person in your life. You can grab 10% off your purchase by using the code BobBrad401 as well.

Massage balm

A massage balm is an excellent option to help you soothe aching muscles from exercise, which is much more affordable. There are plenty of excellent balms out there with active ingredients that can soothe, soften and relax muscles that are tired and sore from exercise.

Yoga blocks

Yoga blocks are a great tool to enhance your Yoga practice, to help make poses easier and a great modification tool. Which is never a bad thing in Yoga! I’m big on modifications in Yoga and modify many poses to suit my body better. Yoga blocks are a great addition to your Yoga practice for that.


If you love your walking, then a pedometer is a very handy tool to invest in! I love walking but don’t personally have a pedometer – only one on my phone. Which is fine, if I have my phone with me but annoying any other time. This just means I have to carry my phone to register the steps.

Epsom salts

If you love your baths, then Epsom bath salts are your go-to for relaxation and muscle soothing after a workout. They’re inexpensive and often unscented, so great for sensitive skin.


If you do at-home workouts like me, then investing in some good quality weights can be a great way to enhance your workout further. I like to do a weight-based workout a couple times a week; usually just 15 or 20 minutes and low impact. But the weights can help strengthen and tone your muscles.

Insulated water bottle

And finally, a water bottle. Everyone who works out needs a good water bottle and my personal favourite is the insulated water bottle from ohelo. Cold water stays cold for AGES in these bottles, especially if you add ice with it.

There are plenty of things we can do to enhance our workout and recovery. Even if you’re not massively into workouts but like to stay active and healthy, there are a few things on this list that would be a great addition to you to.

Don’t forget to check out the excellent Q2 Mini Massage Gun from Bob and Brad if you’re in the market for something that will really get into your aching muscles and joints and use code BobBrad401 for 10% off your purchase!

Do you use anything to aid your workouts or recovery? What’s your favourite exercise to do?


  1. Oh, interesting stuff here! I never thought we could even buy a massage gun lol

    I’m trying to get back into a regular exercise routine. It’s hard but I am motivated. It’s the diet part (healthy eating) that’s tough for me.

  2. I’m usually a hiking/cross-country trek type of exercise girl. That’s how I spend a lot of my mornings. But the heat waves this year have made it really hard, so looking to branch out. Thanks for sharing these products–I can definitely see myself getting behind a routine like this when I can’t make it out to the bluffs.

  3. I like to use yoga blocks. As simple as they seem but once you start using them, you will understand how helpful they are in stretching more. They help your body to understand bodyweight balance in a better way.
    Thanks Jenny for sharing this helpful post.

  4. Love these suggestions! I love Yoga with Adriene have been using her videos for years :). The massage gun is a really good idea I will have to look into that! 😀 I have a foam roller which has been a life saver for my back :D. Great post!

  5. These are all great suggestions Jenny! I go to the gym now, but I remember using a lot of these back in lockdown! And yesss an exercise gun is SO helpful! My dad bought one for our house, and he practically swears by it 😆

  6. I need this – I’m currently cycling a lot to get ready for Land’s End to John O’Groats next year. Get a lot of DOMs! Pilates is great but only goes so far.

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