ad collaborative post // With 2022 only two months away, there’s not much time left to redecorate your home and welcome the new year in style. However, a few pieces of furniture in the right color and design might be all you need. According to interior designers, we expect popular colors to be a mixture of familiar, soothing shades and deep, vibrant colors. So, let’s check out their predictions for furniture color trends in 2022.

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Up until 2021, the popular furniture color palette highlighted naturalness. The events caused by the global pandemic only reinstated this choice. As we started spending more time at home, bright colors seemed to annoy us, causing us to turn to softer tones.

However, furniture trends in 2022 appear to accent fresh beginnings and hope. So, bold and vibrant colors will also have their place in the Instagram-worthy furniture decor.

1. Shades of Green

After being confined to our apartments for months in 2020, we felt a strong desire to bring nature inside the following year. For that reason, interiors were filled with various shades of green that represent wellness, rebirth, and a new beginning. Experts agree that this trend will continue in the year to come, especially for mint, powder, and clear green tones.

2. Sand and Beige

Similarly, furniture in warm and light hues, such as cream and brown, will continue to dominate the scene. Such a simple, elegant, and minimalistic style is another step towards nature and a desired natural look. Therefore, we can safely assume that Brave Ground, a shade of beige, which Dulux named the Color of the Year in 2021, will still be in style next year.

3. White Stays Dominant

The prevalence of pure and humble tones is also evident in the fact that we will see a lot of white furniture in 2022. The Japandi style was the one that made shades of white and other soft tones such as light gray, pastel green, or soft yellow popular. Still, as the paint company Farrow & Ball states, white helps us maintain the sense of order, which we clearly need after going through the troubling pandemic period.

4. Make Room for Strong Colors

Although light tones will continue to be in vogue even in 2022, we will witness dark colors making their way into the furniture design. Navy blue, dark green, brown, or garnet and purple pieces of furniture are expected to be a part of the same room as more neutral-colored furnishing to create colorful compositions.

Two colors stand out among others — dark blue and orange. According to Pantone, a shade of blue called Classic Blue and the brightest orange, Orange Tiger, will strongly hit the furniture trend in the year to come. On the other hand, Dulux chose a fresh and airy blue shade called Bright Skies as the Color of the Year 2022.

In any case, we can confidently say that one or two large pieces of furniture, like sofas and armchairs, in dark and strong colors will adorn modern living rooms and bedrooms.

5. Black in the Kitchen

Stylish kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms in 2022 will make room for the color black. The presence of black will range from entirely black furniture, appliances, and faucet elements to being present in only some elements and pieces of furniture.

6. Polka Dots and Gold

According to interior designers, Retro style is making a huge comeback next year, and along with it — polka dots. So, you will see this popular retro print on walls as well as furniture pieces.

In the same manner, we will honor the 80s by allowing gold, chrome, and shiny finishes to make a comeback. So, expect to see furniture with upholstery in soft tones but featuring gold legs or chrome finishes for contrast.

7. Light Wood, Brown Leather

2022 will also embrace the ongoing trend of furniture made of natural, sustainable materials. So, be ready for more light wood, steel, leather, marble, and glass. Interior designers favor these materials because they are eco-friendly and long-lasting.

Moreover, natural materials are famous for their simplicity and the sense of security they evoke. Light wood makes us feel relaxed, just as a solid wood dining table exudes safety. Therefore, we can conclude that the green movement will significantly impact furniture trends in the following year as well. In most cases, such furnishing will be predominant in dining rooms and youth bedrooms.

8. Floral Designs and Ethnic Patterns

Going into the new year, we will witness more and more people opting for upholstery materials that feel good. A few examples of such materials that feel soft include linen, cotton canvas, fleece, and velvet. Also, floral designs, ticking stripe fabrics, and ethnic patterns will be there to appease our increasingly eclectic sensibilities.

The Old Remains, the New Is Welcome

Troubling times have us searching for safety in the known. Hence, we gladly turn to the Retro furniture style that fills us with nostalgia and reminds us of good old times. Furthermore, we find comfort in minimalistic style, natural materials, and neutral shades that have a soothing effect.

However, looking into the future with optimism, interior designers encourage us to experiment with specific shades of bold colors and patterns. For instance, navy blue, bright orange, and dark green, as well as upholstery in floral designs or ethnic patterns, will do a great job of brightening up your space.


  1. So glad to hear to hear that blue and orange are coming back on trends for furniture, I really love the duo for some pieces. Must say though that the japandi shades were more of my liking, but mixing it up for a room renovation could be fun x

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