collaborative post | I don’t know about anyone else but I find men particularly hard to buy for when any occasion rolls around. By time Christmas is here and I have multiple men to buy gifts for, my brain resembles tumbleweed. They either don’t want anything, don’t need anything or want me to surprise them. Which is an endless challenge!

I’m an avid gift giver and I love spending the time, effort and even money on buying the perfect gift for someone. Of course, it’s not the money that counts, it’s the thought and you can always make homemade gifts which are incredible.

But for someone like me, who’s not particularly crafty, I enjoy buying gifts which I know they will love.

If this sounds like you and you have a fella in your life that you struggle to buy for – I feel you. It’s handy to start brainstorming gift ideas early in this case, so this post will hopefully give you some ideas!

11 Early Christmas Gift Ideas for the Fella Who’s Hard To Buy For:


I personally don’t think you can go wrong with fragrance for any occasion. Men love their fragrance (and we love them to smell nice!) so this is a win win situation. I love the Sauvage Eau de Parfum and have bought this for my partner before, it smells gorgeous.

A super car experience day

If your fella (or Dad, Granddad, brother, uncle, best pal) loves cars, then a supercar experience day would be right up their street. Many race circuits around the UK hosts these experiences, with a range of amazing cars from Ferrari’s to Lamborghini’s.

A pre-order of a new video game

Got a video game lover in your life? How about surprising them with a pre-order of a new game they’ve had their eye on or one that’s coming out that you think they would like? It’ll give them something else to look forward to as well!

Something they can use for work

Practical things make great gifts too, so something brand new they can use for work might be an excellent choice. Perhaps a new briefcase, notebook, laptop bag, tie or pair of shoes.


My fella really neglects his skincare unless I nudge him but when he has some nice products to use, he definitely makes more of an effort with it! Skincare isn’t just for us gals, so treat him to some luxurious skincare!

Vouchers for retailers

Some people see vouchers as a cop-out but I don’t think that’s the case at all. At least with vouchers, you know they will purchase something they genuinely love or need.

A spa weekend for 2

If you want a piece of the pie as well, then how about a spa weekend experience for 2? If you can’t make a whole weekend of it, do a spa day or a couples massage at a nearby venue.

Wine tasting experience 

If you’re wine lovers, then a wine tasting experience or a vineyard tour could be a really love (and romantic!) Christmas gift for him (and yourself!) This will also give you something to look forward to as you head into the New Year.

A luxurious bottle of their favourite drink

Alcohol can be a wonderful gift if you have someone in your life that has a lot of love and knowledge for certain types of alcohol. A luxurious bottle of their favourite alcohol can be cracked open for those super special occasions.

Something for the kitchen

He a keen cook? Perhaps he loves trying new recipes? Or he’s an avid coffee drinker? Something for the kitchen will be a great gift and also one that will get a lot of use!

Theatre tickets

Finally, who doesn’t love the theatre? Get him some theatre tickets to a show you think he’ll love for the new year – something else to look forward to during gloomy January – and maybe a pre-show meal!

I hope these ideas give you some inspiration on what you can buy for your fella that never wants or needs anything for Christmas this year! I know we’re only in September but Christmas will literally be here before we know it.

I usually start my Christmas shopping around early October, so I can get it done early and save the stress of last-minute shopping too close to Christmas when everywhere is too busy.

So getting your inspiration and ideas in order now is a great idea – especially when you have someone who’s hard to buy for!

What do you get the person in your life who’s hard to buy for? How do you come up with gift inspiration?


  1. You’re far more on the ball than me! I wasn’t going to talk about preparing for Christmas early until November! But I guess that’s maybe not early enough? I’ll wait until the week of Christmas, as usual, no doubt!

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