Being Proactive and Positive With Our Problem Areas

AD | “I don’t like this bit over here/ There’s a little droop there/ How can I get rid of this bit here?” Do all these statements sound familiar to you? We’re usually the biggest critics of ourselves and will find flaws where flaws don’t even exist. Some people will even go to extreme measures …


How a Smile Makeover Can Dramatically Improve Your Confidence

AD | Due to the immense popularity of shows such as Love Island, where contestants mostly have stereo-typically perfect bodies and incredible teeth, there’s been a growing trend among people to have their own smile makeovers to improve their looks. Who doesn’t want to boost their image and feel their best, after all?

My Relationship with Beauty and Skincare: Closed pot of Sesderma resting on a blue book with flowers around it

My Relationship With Beauty and Skincare

GIFTED | I’ve always had a weird relationship with beauty and skincare. I’m either all in or all out. There’s no in between. I’ve gone through various phases with beauty and skincare, which I’ll get into in a bit. But ultimately, I’ve finally realised the importance of beauty and skincare not just for vanity purposes …

Flat lay photo of White Glo Toothpaste Products

Ways I’m Taking Better Care of Myself Physically & Mentally in 2019

GIFTED | I’m going to be honest… I’ve been shit at looking after myself within the last few years. I mean, I attended my cervical screening when invited to make sure all was a-okay down there, I go to my 6 monthly contraception reviews with the nurse, I get my eyes checked when I’m due …

ADEXE Watches: The Sistine Miniature Collection + Discount Code!

GIFTED | ADEXE London are always popping up around the blogging community. And for good reason. Their classy, stylish watches are perfect for young women looking to add a touch of chic to their outfits before they go about their busy days. But they have plenty of Men’s and Women’s watches to suit all styles.

Vertical image for How to Prepare for Summer blog post featuring bilou Pink Melon Shower Foam and bilou Coco Cocktail Bodyspray products

Prepare for Summer ft. bilou Vegan Beauty Products

This is a sponsored post Summer is just around the corner. Before you know it, the UK will be doused in sun cream, BBQ’s and middle aged men walking around topless. Hurrah! (Sorta) Summer seems to come around every year and I don’t know about you but I’m never prepared for it. So how does …

Stepping Into Spring with Missguided Body Mists

GIFTED | Ah Spring. The word on everybody’s lips. Just when Winter felt like it would never end (although I’m not really complaining because I do love Winter) Spring bounced into our lives like the warm, joyous occasion it is. I’ve already seen my first lambs, the swans over at my local lake are getting …

Is It Safe To Buy Gently Used Watches Online?

AD | I’m a huge jewelry lover, having been buying cheap Claire’s earrings and your basic style of necklaces and bracelets from the Argos catalog since I was in my early teens. Luxury jewelry though? Well, I’ve never really had the luxury to be able to buy any. And the same goes for watches. I …

Vacationing This Valentine’s? These Are the Destinations That Should be On Your List! *

#AD Today, a lot of people favour an experience over a quick tan when abroad. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there’s no greater excuse for a romantic trip away. But often, an unfamiliar location brings the biggest dilemma — what to pack!

OD’s Designer Clothing: Winter picks for the whole family *

Winter is the perfect time to re-vamp your wardrobe, get yourself some new items which will last until next Spring rolls around and even treat yourself – it’s Christmas after all! Winter is my favourite time of year and I love wrapping up warm, big fluffy jumpers, wearing boots again and just generally feeling really …