The City of Lights attracts millions of people every year for good reason: considered a global capital by many, Paris offers a seemingly unlimited amount of activities. Whether you enjoy shopping, touring historical sites, entertainment or great food, there is something for everybody to enjoy throughout the year.

Many people dream of going to Paris but don’t have any concrete plan for what to see and do when arriving. Depending on the season and time, you’ll find plenty of unique events, activities and venues to enjoy. Here, we’ll outline what you can do for fun and excitement in Paris all throughout the year.


Springtime in Paris is iconic in pop culture and is certainly the most popular time for many to visit. As the weather gets warmer and more outside activity occurs, people find all sorts of things to do in the city.

Those wishing to tour Paris attractions like the Palace of Versailles, Paris Aquarium and the Picasso Museum can take advantage of open-air tours and the great transit system to explore history.

Both the Eiffel Tower and Île de la Cité are popular destinations in the city during the spring for out-of-town travellers. If you’re willing to get off the beaten path, however, then consider simply taking a stroll throughout the side-streets, window-shopping in the classic Paris tradition and enjoy a fine batch of pastries from Angelina Patisserie.


Visiting Paris during the longest days of the year maximises your time to enjoy the city. With plenty to do, even the longer days won’t result in you running out of sights to see.

You might consider showing up at Bal Cafe around 10 AM for one of those classic Parisian al fresco brunches always seen in films and shows. After you’re done, you can enjoy a bit of R&R at one of the many open air public parks in Paris, such as the Jardin du Luxembourg. Here, you’ll find plenty of hustle and bustle activity: from kids frolicking to adults exercising and families enjoying picnics.

In the afternoon, treat your taste buds with some famous Parisian ice cream from Il Gelato Del Marchese (homemade ice creams start at around €5). As evening approaches, you have literally hundreds of options in the summertime for entertainment, including nightclubs, theatre acts, late-night al fresco meals and more.


In autumn, Paris is a beautiful sight. With the natural change in foliage colour and the cooler weather comes plenty of chances to explore both the ins and outs of Paris.

Many of the city’s best food tours and events can be found in autumn, with options such as Paris by Mouth providing visitors with first-hand exposure to the best that the French capital has to offer.

Art exhibits and night shows are other fantastic types of events to hit the city predominantly in fall. One example, the Versailles Fountain Night Shows, puts a whole new twist on the historic beauty of the gardens. For the art fanatic, the Nuit Blanche festival comes to town every October and features an all-night art exhibit including theatre, art and music.


Winters in Paris can be cool and wet, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to enjoy in the city! Some of the main thoroughfares and attractions – such as the Champs-Elysées – have a massive showing of holiday lights and trees line the boulevards.

For those really wanting to get away from the weather, consider a visit to the local Aquaboulevard (the biggest indoor swimming area and water park in the city; adult tickets start at €30 and children’s tickets are €19).

Even if you plan on spending Christmas in Paris, you don’t have to worry about the city shutting down: all of the transit systems, most restaurants and many stores remain open to the public. This means you won’t have to aimlessly walk the streets looking for entertainment or activities – unless you choose to do so!

In such a major global capital like Paris, you can visit anytime of the year and find hundreds of interesting things to do. Whether you prefer the hotter months of the year for travel or enjoy the cool, crisp winter climate, Paris makes for a great holiday with family, friends or even solo.

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