If you know me at alllllll by now, you’ll know I don’t relax. Ever. I just find it so incredibly difficult and I have this incessant need to be constantly productive, 24/7. I love how I’m able to get so much done. I love that I’m a goal orientated person. I love that I can get through my daily to-do lists and go to bed knowing I’ve physically done everything I could have possibly done that day. My organisational skills and my Type A personality is one of the only things I actually like about myself so I’m not going to go and start putting myself down for it! But…. I know that it can get unhealthy. We all need down-time. Every single one of us. 

However, it’s all very well and good everyone harping on about down-time and how crucial it is but we’re all wired very differently and we have to take that into account. Whilst some people reading this might think, “Jesus Christ Jenny, that’s sooooo unhealthy!” others will find something relatable in what I’m saying. Over the last few years, I’ve had to adapt my down-time to suit me and the way I’m wired. So for anyone who finds it incredibly difficult to wind down or get out of work / blogging mode, this one’s for you!

Have a bath and read a book whilst you’re in there

Obviously we all need to wash (duh) so I’ve started taking long ass baths and killing two – no THREE – birds with one stone. I can get clean, relax in the warm water and the bubbles and get a good chunk of my book read too. A productive bath. Next.

Practice yoga 

We all know I love yoga. Love, love, love it. And it’s the only exercise I do where I don’t feel like it’s a waste of time and I’m eager for it to end so I can get back to work. Yoga is so beneficial to me; both physically and mentally. It can even set you up to have a more productive day if you do it in the morning!

Watch a documentary

I can’t for the life of me sit there and watch a film by myself. If my boyfriend is home or off work then sure, we’ll get through a few movies. But when I’m on my own? No chance. Not when I could be doing something more productive instead. But even I know when I need a break and I find watching an informative documentary a really worthwhile way to do that. I love learning something new. I wrote a blog post last month about some Stacey Dooley documentaries which are well worth watching – so start with those!

Sort out your room or space

Whatever needs tidying the most! I find tidying, cleaning and sorting things out sooooo relaxing and therapeutic. You can bet your bottom dollar that if I’ve spent the day de-cluttering my room then I’m going to be in a good mood! If that’s something you enjoy doing, then use it as your down time! Don’t over cook it and wear yourself out. Take breaks. Stick your music on and you’ve got a relaxing but productive day.

Bake something

Baking or cooking things is a funny one for me because although it’s like, necessary sometimes so y’all need to eat, I still find it a productive activity to do – especially if I’m trying something new and learning something from it! I think a lot of people will agree that cooking or baking can be really relaxing so when I know I need to just chill the f*** out but don’t want to, I’ll probably bake something!

Write something

Writing is amazing because it’s so versatile. Depending on how you’re feeling, write a blog post, a short story, a poem, a list, your feelings – anything! There’s always some benefit in writing things down so I find this a really relaxing but worthwhile exercise. Which is probably why my blog is scheduled so far in advance! (I’m writing this post in February…)

Where do you stand on this? Are you like me and find it difficult to wind down? Or are you the opposite and find it harder to get going? What do you do to tackle it? Let me know!


  1. I definitely find it hard to wind down, but I do find having a bath helps as I usually soak in there for at least an hour and read or catch up with some YT channels I subscribe to that I wouldn’t usually just sit and watch and do nothing else. Great ideas 🙂

  2. I always say that you and I are opposites in this regard, but it’s so true. If anything, these are the perfect tips to help ease me into being MORE productive haha! I really want to channel a bit more of your energy over the next few months, cause you’re smashing it – even when you’re having a relaxing time reading in the bath!
    Beth x

    1. Hahaha we literally are polar opposites aren’t we? I do need to learn to chill the F out and ACTUALLY chill sometimes. Not watching a film whilst sill doing work on my phone type chill 🤣 I hope these help! xxx

  3. I always try to find time to relax each day, by reading or drinking tea. But, I actually find it really hard to slow my brain down at night. So I try to do a bit of meditation in the afternoon/evening.

  4. Great suggestions. I always take a book in the bath with me, it allows me to lose myself in another world, also makes me stay in the bath longer as I tend to just jump in and out again without relaxing properly! This post was definitely for me hehe!


  5. Cooking for me is what helps me relax – I find it simple yet mindful which helps to calm me down – and you get a delicious end product! I totally agree with with all of your ideas – but especially the versatility of writing something; I love the calming nature of lists but also being able to write everything out in a diary or blog post is so helpful! Lovely post hun.
    Kate x

  6. Downtime for me is time spent in the garden. Or browsing plant catalogues. Or ordering stuff from gardening websites. You get my drift! And actually I’m also killing two birds because doing stuff in or for my garden is productive too – we’re actually alike on this one 😂 xx

  7. Brilliant post, Jenny! I always find tidying and organising my room so relaxing, especially when you see how tidy and spacious it looks when you have finished. I can’t really watch films by myself but I will watch a tv series by myself but having said that I’m constantly doing something while watching it!! When it’s with family or friends I try and switch off and do nothing to concentrate on the film or series and have a bit of fun! I’ll definitely try the rest of your tips. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I find that I go between a lot of these tips when I need to relax! I’ve found baking so fun, until I would eat pretty much all of it by myself. I definitely find myself cleaning and organizing things when I’m terribly anxious and home and find it very therapeutic. Great post love, thanks for some more tips to switch between!

  9. I am all about looking after my wellbeing so this ticks a lot of boxes for me! I never knew how therapeutic tiding my room is? I have just cleared out a lot of old stuff from my bedroom and I feel so much better for it! x x x

  10. This was such a fun, super-relatable post! It got me thinking – can I not wind down, or can I not get geared up? Hmmm. I’d say I’m a mix of both. When I’m keyed up emotionally – a stressful day at work, or argument with my partner – I tend to clean or organize things. It’s like my way of getting some part of my life back on track. Yoga, too – it’s incredible how much it can literally calm the body and mind together! Some days, though, the struggle is getting motivated. I’ll start a book, then close it to write, then shut my laptop to workout, then just sit on the mat and listen to music. Alas, all part of the ups and downs of life!

  11. I am the same with you when it comes to the need of feeling productive! These are great tips to relax a bit! I love sorting out my room! I’m a bit OCD and like to see things in place! Thanks for the recs!


  12. I’m exactly the same Jenny! I find it hard to switch off when I know I could be doing something productive. I like the sound of a productive bath. I watch YouTube videos in the bath sometimes, I dunno if that would be classed as productive though 😂. These are great tips, thanks for sharing! 😘 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  13. I love reading in the bath, so much so I have to keep adding hot water because it keeps going cold,

    I always end up running out of hot water before I have had time to shower off and wash my hair, haha!

  14. I’m pretty busy, busy, much of the time. I try to read, go for walks or do tai chi to relax. I love visiting art galleries and the like too. I love baking but avoiding it at the moment as I have put on so much weight! I’m rubbish at cleaning and de-cluttering so if you ever get bored Jenny… Lol..

  15. I love the idea of doing yoga and reading to relax. There’s nothing quite like losing yourself in a good book, you know? When did you start yoga? I’m trying to get into it – if there’s any DVDs you can recommend, I would love to know… x

  16. I’m definitely the polar opposite of you and wish I was more productive. I admire people who have such a strong need to get things done. If you have any tips on overcoming this, I’d love to see that post 🙂

  17. I always hate the idea of tidying my room, but when I actually start I quite enjoy it! I’m currently making a little project of unhauling some books I no longer want to keep, which is sad as I’d love to keep most of them but just don’t have room, but also very fun organisation wise!
    Amy xxx

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