As Spring is in full swing, everyone’s all about that decluttering life. From old clothes, unwanted books, broken cutlery and old make up, we’re all obsessed with throwing things away. I’ve been like that my whole life. I don’t have to wait to Spring to get a burst of motivation to declutter my life. In fact, this Spring, I’ve not actually had anything physical to declutter because I throw things away so often, it rarely builds up.

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However, that doesn’t mean I can’t still have a declutter of my life because there’s plenty of non-physical things we often overlook when it comes to decluttering and clearing out our lives and our online spaces. This can be just as important as the physical stuff, so take a couple of hours to work through all the non-physical things that definitely need a declutter this Spring too!

Netflix Watch List

How many films and shows have you aimlessly put on your Netflix watch list only to forget about them almost instantly? But then you forget about them so much that they just stay there on your list, doing nothing? Get rid of everything that you’re 100% not going to watch or anything you’ve completely forgotten about. If you haven’t watched it in 6 months of it being on your list, sorry hun but you’re never going to watch it.

YouTube Watch Later List

With so many creators releasing new content every single day on YouTube, it can be so hard to keep up with everyone. Even the most avid YouTube watcher can’t watch everything in one day. Sometimes your YouTube Watch Later list builds up and builds up to the point where it’s almost impossibly to tackle. And not to mention over time, you might just fall out of love with some creators and that’s okay!

Spam Comments

Our spam comments folder can build up massively over time because it’s not normally something we’re thinking about. Obviously, it’s spam. But take some time to delete all your spam comments and try and stay on top of it! But don’t forget, some genuine comments do get confused for spam sometimes, so whilst sorting your spam folder out, you might come across a lot of long lost comments from genuine readers!

Junk and Deleted Emails

How often do you clear out your deleted emails folder? Rarely I’d guess? I didn’t do mine in probably 6 months and it took FOREVER to clear out, so now I’m trying to do it more regularly so it doesn’t get cluttered. And if you’re not someone that checks your junk folder regularly, now is a good time to do that too!

Unused Apps / Games / Programs

I’m thinking all things electronic here, so your phone, your computer and any consoles you might have. Apps, programs and games also build up over time but you never use 100% of them all the time. Any games that you’re done with for now, get rid of them from your device to make room for new ones. Any apps you haven’t used in months can go because you’re unlikely to use them after all this time and any programs on your laptop that never get used can be uninstalled too!

Facebook Friends List

And finally, your Facebook friends. This is a really good one to have a declutter of because you simply do not need 800 Facebook friends, of which you met once, at a party, when you were 17 and never spoke to once after that. There will be a lot of people on here that you no longer need or want in your life. People you haven’t spoken to in years, don’t get along with any more or simply strangers from the past that you’ve forgotten about.

There we are, 6 important non physical things that you can easily declutter from your life today! How many of these are you going to tackle?

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  1. This was so much fun to read. I do these things occasionally, but this morning…pregnant and 1 day late past due….I’m over here trying to figure out how to keep my mind busy. This was perfect for right now, thank you! HAHA

  2. Some great suggestions.

    Ironically you’ve also made me realise that I should probably utilise the list functionality a bit more on Netflix to save me time scrolling through it.

  3. I’m the same with Watch Lists – I’ll have them on my list for so long and then I’ll just forget about them as the weeks go by. In terms of Youtube I feel like I’ve forgotten about the Watch Later List – I usually just scroll on the main page and wait for something to catch my eye!

    YES SPAM COMMENTS – I try to stay on top of them but sometimes I slack a bit and suddenly I have to sift through a handful of posts!

    I don’t think I’ve ever deleted my deleted emails – it’s still a miracle I have my number in the low hundreds in my inbox but I’m trying to get better at managing my emails so I don’t miss anything important!

    I have so many apps I don’t use anymore and I haven’t thought of getting rid of them – partially because some games have a high high score and on the -124% chance I decide to play the game again I’m not all the way at the start!

    I don’t think I’ve properly been on Facebook in years! To be fair I should just delete it haha! Great post!! Definitely going to start sifting through my apps (and perhaps my inbox) I don’t use and delete them – the perfect reminder!

  4. These are great ideas Jenny! I always feel so much better after having a digital declutter, even just deleting all my junk e-mails makes me feel so much more organised 🙂 I went on a Facebook friends declutter a while ago, it is such a refreshing thing to do and probably should have done it sooner. Great suggestions – thanks for sharing! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

  5. Excellent ideas! I’m going to go through TV recordings, delete what I don’t want and edit what I do. I also always try to keep on top of my emails, but it’s so tricky. Even just missing one day can lead to a massive build-up, and then that puts me off even looking at them!

  6. This is so interesting to me because I’m the complete opposite. I’m a low-key hoarder when it comes to clothes and I really don’t like decluttering physical things at all. But I hate when my digital life gets cluttered. My files are always organised, I make sure to delete my spam every couple of weeks. My YouTube watch later does get clogged up though, that’s a good one! x


  7. I feel so called out with the Netflix list – I do that but with Amazon Prime and some of the shows are there for if they become free on prime in the future because I want to watch them but not enough to buy them XD

    1. Haha! Oh yeah Amazon Prime too, your watch later list on there needs sorting! But that’s a really good idea about keeping them on the list to see if they become free! Life hack!

  8. I love this post! it’s the kind of thing that you don’t realise you need to see before you see it, if you get me haha. I cleared out my Facebook friends list not too long ago but I could definitely do with decluttering the rest of the things on your list! Thanks for this post Jenny. Have a lovely evening x x

  9. YES! I totally agree – we’re all so consumed with getting rid of physical things that we forget how to get rid of things that make us better mentally. Speaking of, I definitely need to clear movies and shows from my Netflix list!

    cabin twenty-four

  10. I keep adding to my watch list at the moment, that’s not going to get me very far! I love this – I’ve been building up to having a Facebook clear out but just haven’t done it yet. Don’t even want to consider the state of my inbox…

  11. I am very good on cleaning all the electronic clutter each evening at shut down. A good way to start the day fresh and because we get o much of it. Facebook…. that is different story that I am afraid to tackle but will have to.
    Great advice, thank yu.

  12. These are fab, thanks for sharing!

    I’m pretty good at clearing out my junk every day, but I’ve just gone through Netflix and I’m about to tackle YouTube.

    Naomi xo

  13. These are great things to declutter. I try to do my emails everyday. But Facebook friends I have done before. It’s so crazy how clear your mind can feel by declutter certain things. I always feel a tidy space is a tidy mind. Thank you for sharing these tips Jenny ❤️Xxx

  14. I love clearing out my Facebook friends list! My husband has hundreds of people on there who he never talks to and it drives me mad! Just seeing that huge number makes me stressed!

  15. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve never though about digital cluttering before, but it makes sense. My list of ‘Watch Later’ videos on YT is so long I think I’ll go delete some!
    Thanks for sharing these tips.
    Loren |

  16. I am so bad at clearing out spam emails and comments folder on my blog it’s tedious but actually helps to keep on top of

  17. I’ve started doing a digital declutter recently – deleting emails I didn’t need, storing others in folders, unsubscribing to emails I didn’t want anymore, unfriending people and unliking pages on social media, deleting apps I don’t use etc 👍