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Lockdown has affected so many people, in so many ways. Physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Some of us may have been focusing on saving money. Others might have been focusing on getting fitter and exercising more regularly. And for some, our sole focus was simply getting through the day. Wherever you fall, know that it’s okay. We don’t get a guidebook on how to deal with a global pandemic, after all.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

But with so many people on furlough and not receiving the full 100% of their income, freelancers who’s workload dropped dramatically within the first few months after lockdown (my April was shocking!) and some people losing their jobs completely, going forward, a lot of us are going to want to be saving some money to try and counter-act that period where income was much lower (or barely existent) than normal.

We’re halfway through the year and before we know it, Christmas will be upon us again. Although I have a pretty good money mindset myself, thanks to the Manifestation Babe podcasts, I’m not ignorant and understand that so many people struggle. Have struggled. And are still struggling due to this COVID situation that nobody could have predicted would get so bad.

So with Christmas just around the corner (lols) and Winter like, next week, it’s time to focus on saving those pennies and what better place to start than your own home? Here are 13 home saving tips to help you boost your bank account again:

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Monitor your heating usage

When the weather starts to get chiller, one of the best ways you can save money at home is by monitoring your heating usage. Consider whether you REALLY need the heating on or whether an extra jumper will suffice. Do you turn it off when you go out? Or when you go to sleep?

Switch to LED lighting where possible

This is easy enough to do at Christmas as there are so many possible LED light options available which not only save a TON of energy and are better for the environment but also save you money – which is what you want! But you can also switch to LED lighting such as lightbulbs and lamps for any room in the house!

Get rid of unnecessary subscriptions

This includes streaming services, magazine subscriptions, beauty boxes that you don’t really need or anything else that’s coming in on a monthly basis. Be ruthless and really consider whether you need so this thing or whether it’s just burning a hole in your pocket.

Shop second hand for clothes

Since starting my sustainable fashion journey, I’m doing most of my shopping second hand and I’m finding some absolute BARGAINS. Remember, you don’t need new clothes all the time – it’s not necessary. But if/when you do, consider second hand first. Not only will it save you money but it’ll also help the environment!

Buy supermarket own brand

You know what, most of the time, I can’t tell the difference anyway. There’s nothing wrong or shameful about supermarket own brand products. They taste just as good 99% of the time and if it’s basic ingredients of things that are going to be thrown together anyway, why not? This is a great way to save some cash at home.

Shop for Christmas in the sales

Yes, it’s only June and yes, I’m talking about Christmas. But as this post is saving money AFTER lockdown, Christmas will be upon us quicker than we can jingle our bells. I’m all about shopping early to avoid doing everything in one bulk. And as you have PLENTY of time to do your Christmas shopping, utilize all the sales you can (and don’t forget to check sites like Raise to see if there are any coupons or codes you can use to save even more on your online purchases)!

Make lists and stick to them

Especially with food shopping. We all know how difficult it is when you’re wandering around the aisles and everything looks so good and you’re just aimlessly throwing things in your basket. Well… don’t. Write a specific list and stick to you. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll be spending AND it’ll encourage against food waste.

Use survey sites and money saving apps

Survey sites have allowed me to earn some extra cash quite a few times a year and I wrote a post here about 3 survey sites I’d recommend! I’ve also been recently loving Shoppix – an app that pays you in rewards for uploading your receipts and TopCashBack, which pays you cash back for purchases you were going to make anyway. Ker-ching!

As well as survey sites and money saving apps, you might also want to check out something like sams club, which offers exceptional wholesale values on a huge range of products.

Sell unwanted things

Instead of just leaving them to pile up a great way to save money and make extra money is by getting rid of things you already have. Ebay and Depop are great for clothes, the Facebook marketplace for any larger items and even consider doing a boot sale for unwanted bits and bobs!

Shop around for insurances

We have a lot of different insurance policies on a lot of different things and it can be TOO EASY to keep our current plans just because they’re easy and reliable. But they might not be the best value and you might be spending more than necessary. So definitely do a bit of insurance shopping the next time one is up for renewal!

Save the lose change

One thing I’ve learnt this year, particularly from the Manifestation Babe podcasts is to RESPECT MONEY. Whether that’s £100, £10, £1 or 1p. Whatever the amount, it all adds up and it all deserves respect. So instead of throwing out those pennies or not putting much thought into them, make sure you’re saving every last one.

Ditch the gym membership

If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that we don’t need that gym membership and we can workout just as effectively and efficiently at home, if we have the right tools to do so! I love to workout at home using Holly Dolke’s YouTube channel and Yoga With Adriene for some amazing free Yoga videos.

Use the library

An super duper easy way to save money on books. As an avid book reader and book lover, I know how much it costs when you go on a book binge. Especially when the books are so beautiful that you just want them all. But instead of buying more clutter on something you MIGHT only read once, utilize your local library instead.

How are you saving money for the rest of the year? Do you have any of your own tips to add to this list?


  1. Brilliant tips Jenny. When lockdown was announced, we really thoroughly went through our finances and it was completely eye-opening! We got rid of a lot of useless subscriptions and also switched energy providers/insurers as we weren’t getting the best deals through sheer laziness! Lockdown has made me a lot more money-aware so I’m hoping I’ll continue being a bit more savvy when it’s over – as you say, Christmas isn’t that far away!

  2. Great ideas! I have swapped so many items for store own brand and have noticed no difference. I also shop more in my local market😃

  3. Honestly, I’ve probably wasted so much money on subscriptions that I don’t even use! That’s a really good one to point out as it’s so easily done. Or forgetting to cancel before a free trial ends!

  4. Excellent ideas! I love the tip about using the cheaper store brands at supermarkets! You’re right- they do taste almost identical to the more pricy options!

  5. There are some really great tips here! I’ve just been going through the dilemma of what to do with my gym membership the last couple of days. My topcashback doesn’t seem to be working, this has just reminded me to contact them! It’s so true what they say about saving up the pennies and never thought about LED lights making a difference before. Thanks for this, really useful!

  6. Brilliant post Jenny! You right Christmas will really creep up on us. Even faster with no money. We’re feeling this in this household.
    Amazing tips that could really make a difference x

  7. Such great tips! I love that there’s so many little things we can do to save a bit of money. We usually buy the generic brand when we’re shopping as we also can’t taste the difference. And the library is such a great resource! I have an e-reader and borrow books online which was great during lockdown.

  8. Some really good tips here! Saving up to by a house and lockdown has done wonders for my bank account but need to try and keep it up when this is all over!

  9. Great tips! I do like to make sure I only really use the heating when its really needed.. if it is cold then I put my big jumpers on and wrap myself in a blanket. I recently went through and cancelled some subscriptions too which has been a great help during lockdown with saving money!

    Chloe xx

  10. Wonderful blog 😍 I’m Inspired to finally give these survey sites a try one more time. I haven’t had any luck with them but I’ll follow your recommendations. Thank you 😊

  11. These are all good tips but Jenny I cannot handle you using the C word this early in the year. I know a lot of people went through and cancelled their subscriptions to stuff at the start of lockdown and it’s such an easy way to save x


  12. These are all such great tips for saving money! I am always looking for ways to save money. Especially now with everything that’s going on! It never hurts to be more prepared and have a strong savings account!

  13. I really do need to “tighten the purse strings” I’m already looking at what subscriptions can go. Other ways to save or make money are definitely things I need to have a look at.

  14. I upped my subscriptions to streaming services during lockdown LOL But I think you have some good tips, a lot of which I try and these are very good ways to save money. One I hope to adopt is to start saving change however, my hubby to be does this and I swear he has two hundred bucks just lying in change on his nightstand.

  15. You got me at “with Christmas just around the corner”. And I was like. WAIT, WHAT MONTH AM I IN?!?! Haha. Great tips!!

  16. We have, like everyone else, our “sins.” My husband, for example, always forgets the lights on in the house. I make even worse mistakes – I turn off my PC only once a month, when it shows signs of fatigue.
    The biggest mistake we make is not just buying what we have written on the shopping list.

  17. Great tips. Me and my boyfriend have been saving for a house deposit. Something that really helped us was putting a budget spreadsheet together. It really helped because we could see exactly what we were spending our money on. x

  18. I was like OHHHH ditch the gym! Then remembered that I need it more than anything else right now!! I miss swimming!

    I have been trying to save as much as possible during this time, although can I tell Rob that Jenny TOLD me to start christmas shopping in a bid to save pennies…. He won’t know that I actually started last week!

    In my defence though, its because of the wedding! Although I said the kids would be getting 4 presents, one thing they want, one they need, some clothes and then money to buy their own in the sales, I already seem to have forgotten my own rules.

    I love the library idea, I am so quick to go and buy new books which is silly really.

    Great advice, thanks Jenny x

  19. I’m saving for a house deposit so these tips are really useful! I have been cancelling old subscriptions I forgot about and really trying to budget my money and stick to shopping lists! And so true about the gym membership if we have managed this long without it do we really need it!

  20. Great tips Jenny! A do a few of these already, but I’m certainly going to try and add a few more from your suggestions. I like the idea of respecting money, no matter how small the amount. And I’m totally with you on writing shopping lists! This massively reduced my grocery shopping bills…and my waistline. I recently wrote a post about saving more and spending less, so the tips I would add are moving money to your savings as soon as you are paid. This has worked so well for me in terms of meeting my savings goals. Also don’t be afraid to ask for discount! I’m amazed at how much money I’ve saved by just asking if there’s any discount they can offer. I usually save this tactic for when I’m buying more expensive items. But it does often work, even if it’s just free delivery thrown in. You feel like you’ve won if you’ve saved something, no matter how small.

    1. Oh yes I’m BIG on respecting money! I move my money to my saving ASAP too and it really helps, doesn’t it? As soon as it’s in my savings and I see that number go up, it instantly makes me not want to spend it!

  21. Fab tips! I actually do a lot of these anyway, so good to know I’m doing something right! I sold a bunch of clothes on ebay and made a bit of pocket money for myself and have bought some little gems from there too!!

  22. Great article, thank your for sharing. After going less often to the market during lockdown I’ve save a lot of money. Usually I go to the market just to buy milk and come back home with two bags.

  23. This is exactly what I need! Have honestly spent way too much money during lockdown under the reasoning that I wasn’t out so j wasn’t spending money. But tbh I’ve definitely spent way more than I would have!

  24. Great tips lovely! I *really* need to start saving again – I feel like lockdown has just encouraged me to order more stuff online to compensate for not being able to go outside which sucks xx

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