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Health has been the focal point of 2020 for most of us. It definitely has for me. One positive I’ve taken from lockdown) both the first and the second one was my new found love for exercising and walking. I’ve not felt this fit and healthy in a long time and I’m just hoping to take that even further into 2021 with me!

Vegums multi-vitamins

I’m sure I can speak for a lot of people when I say that 2020 has allowed us to take a closer look at how we’re taking care of ourselves and our health. Both physically and mentally. Our beautiful bodies deserve the love, care and attention that so many of us have been forced to give it this year because of the pandemic.

For me at least, 2021 is going to be the year of ME. I mean, not in a selfish and big-headed sort of way. But in a “I deserve better” sort of way. And so do you. Self care should always be a priority. Your mental health should always come first. Your health should always matter. Not just during a pandemic.

So here are 6 little habits to adopt in 2021 for a healthier you going forward!

Taking Vegums multi-vitamins

I’ve taken multi-vitamins every day for a number of years now and it’s never something I’ve really THOUGHT about. I tend to just grab and go when it comes to my multi-vitamins, without giving much thought as to what’s in them, what they smell like, how big they are or anything. So I’m absolutely delighted to introduce you to Vegums today, a brand that has completely changed my philosophy on multi-vitamins!

Vegums philosophy is that those on a vegan diet can often have vitamin and mineral deficiencies and these lack of various vitamins and minerals can lead to additional health issues, both physical and mental. But finding plant based vitamins to compliment a plant based diet wasn’t easy. Especially for families with children, who might not be able to swallow big pills.

This is the very gap that Vegums have managed to bridge with their completely plant-based and vegan friendly multi-vitamin gummies which are suitable for the WHOLE family. Not only that, the packaging is 100% plastic-free and recyclable. Researching Vegums and learning more about the products made me think about how little I think about the ingredients in the vitamins I take. And that needs to change!

I was sent a two month supply of The Multi-Vitamins For Vegans to try and as mentioned, they came in this lovely plastic-free and environmentally friendly packaging. I particularly love the little metal tin that comes with it where you can store your gummies to keep them fresh every day.

Another thing worth mentioning is that they smell GOOD. Like usually when you open a pot of multi-vitamins they smell like literal feet but these literally just smell like sweets! And they TASTE like sweets too. It’s easy to see why these are so ideal for the whole family because kids would absolutely love these.

Obviously being gummies they are chewy and easy to chew and swallow, unlike an actual pill. I know a lot of people who have trouble swallowing tablets. I don’t personally but I don’t particularly like it very much, so these are much more pleasurable to eat. I made a point of doing a comparison next to the vitamins I was taking prior to this and LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THEM. No wonder people can’t swallow them!

So obviously I’ve not been taking these for the full two months worth yet but I can already tell you that I love them and much prefer taking them every morning to my older multi-vitamins which was like swallowing a chunk of coal. I love the taste (and the smell) and everything about the brand and what they offer. I also like knowing that I’m only taking the best plant based ingredients every morning to kick start my day!

Eat less meat

This is something I’ve slacked with so bad over the last year. In fact, it’s not even something I’ve actively been doing and I’m actually really quite mad at myself for it. I used to be incredibly wary of how much meat I ate and actively have meat free days (or sometimes weeks). So going forward into 2021, eating less meat is definitely something that should be on our agendas. Even if it’s one meat free meal a day. Or one meat free day a week.

Go for more walks

Since the Summer, I’ve been taking myself on more walks. First it was once a week (ish) but now I’m going for a walk around my local park every day and the impact it’s had on my mind and body has been outstanding. It seriously helps me blow the cobwebs off and clear my head. Gives me the chance to delve into some inspirational podcasts and also get my steps up for the day. It has SO MANY benefits; in just one walk!

Drink more water

Okay probably like the most OBVIOUS thing in the world that you don’t need me to remind you about. But a lot of people don’t drink enough water! And it’s one of the healthiest and simplest things you can do for yourself. This is something that I am actually good at. In fact, sometimes I think I drink too much water! If you struggle to drink plain tap water, try a fruit infused water bottle instead.

Work on your sleep hygiene

By sleep hygiene, I don’t mean whether you’re wearing dirty pajamas. Sleep hygiene takes into account your sleeping routine and habits and whether those are healthy for you. Chances are, you’re doing a few things which don’t aid your sleep. I think we all fall into those nasty habits like checking our phone too late or sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress! Check out this amazing night-time routine that actually improved my sleep!

Try some Yoga

I know, I know, I sound like one of THOSE people who think that Yoga can cure everything. Well, maybe not everything but it can definitely make you feel healthier as well as having a ton of additional mental and physical benefits too! I’m such a huge advocate for Yoga; not for curative care but as a supplementary tool for everything else. I use Yoga to calm down, for stress relief, to help me feel grounded among many other things. Try it, you won’t regret it!

I’m so thrilled to have been working with Vegums today on a post that I hope many of you will find helpful going forward into the New Year. Which of these things do you need to incorporate into your life and routine?


  1. These are great tips!
    I haven’t taken multivitamins in years & I have thought about if I should take a multivitamin because I’m vegetarian, so I’ll have to check out Vegums!
    I think it’s great you’re also trying to eat less meat & you’re staying active by going on daily walks!

  2. The only vitamins I get come from whatever is in the food I eat, or the Vit-D from being outside :’) I’ve been meaning to get on top of this for awhile now, and this was honestly such a great reminder to do so x

  3. In many ways, as I am sure we are all too aware, 2020 has been really difficult. But one thing it has done for many, has enabled us to take more time to look after ourselves properly.

  4. I love that these are gummies. I currently take a normal pill multi-vitamin, and while I CAN take a pill without issues, I’d prefer not to… I mean, if the option is there for it to be easier, why not run with it? Right?

  5. My health has taken a battering this year. I’ve just given up and the outcome is not good at all.

    I’ve been looking at various changes in eating habits that could work for me and vitamins to run alongside these changes. These sound delicious x

  6. These gummies actually sound pretty great. My last batch of multi vitamins gave me dreadful heartburn so I stopped taking them which means I’m in the market to try out something new like these and I love that they’re good for families as our little one is now old enough too.

    In terms of which of these I need to action myself? All of them, haha. I’m 100% with you on declaring 2021 the year of me. 🙂 Hope you have a great 2021 Jenny and thanks for sharing this post. 🙂

  7. I was actually on the hunt for new vitamins and these sounds great! The fact that they’re plastic free and chewable is a win win! I will surely have to revise my sleeping habit and going out more! Thanks for sharing these tips and to a new year full of self care x

  8. Some really great tips that I definitely shall be following in 2021! I need to take some multivitamins so will be looking into vegmus to see if they’re right for me. But I’m the same I need to exercise more, drinking more water and actually start going out on walks again! 2020 just threw me completely but determined to adjust and get a good start to 2021.

  9. These are some great tips. I’ve been trying to drink a lot more water in recent months and feel like I am finally starting to see the benefits. Its definitely something I want to continue working on in the new year.

  10. My sleep hygiene HAS to be something I deal with next year, mine is in absolute shambles right now. There’s some great goals here – need to get back into exercising more as well. Just need to sort myself out really, aha. These vitamins look amazing – much more appealing than my usual ones!

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