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I can definitely speak from experience here in that the last couple of weeks have been MANIC. Like, seriously busy. The world is opening up again, we’re allowed to see more people, my boyfriend is more or less back to work and work for me has picked up quite dramatically too. It’s been a bit of a shock to the system!

At the end of April, I had a SERIOUSLY quiet work month. It did get me down a bit but mostly, it allowed me to spend more time out of my office and with my boyfriend. My boyfriend at the time still wasn’t back at work either. So we’d been spending a lot of time together. From mid-May, everything changed!

And I’m sure I’m not the only person to have experienced this too. Dating during a pandemic was hard. Dating after a pandemic is hard. Dating is just hard. And we definitely need to work around it and find ways to make it work. Whether we’re in the early stages of dating or still having date nights in a long-term relationship.

But wherever you are in the UK, if you want to start dating then there’s NEVER a wrong time! If you’re ready to get back into the world of dating and you’re in the Birmingham area, this Birmingham dating site is perfect for you if you want to start local Birmingham dating. If you’re looking for fun date ideas, then these suggestions are perfect if you either live in Birmingham or are able to travel a couple of hours to reach them!

If you’re struggling to find time to date right now here are 6 date ideas for the busy couple!

Meet up for lunch

If you’ve found yourself rudely both back at work at the same time, then there’s no surprise that dating is going to be more difficult. Meeting up for lunch in the middle of the day if your lunch breaks align could be a great idea for getting in some quality time together in the middle of a busy week.

Have a virtual date

If you’re not in the same house and you’re struggling to find the time to meet up for a physical date, why not have a virtual one instead? This can still allow you to spend some quality virtual time together whilst you wait until neither of you are as busy for the real thing! Check out this post on how to prepare for your first virtual date.

Cook dinner together

I love cooking and my boyfriend and I have cooked together many times over the years. This could be a great option for busy couples – you’ve both got to eat. You might as well prepare it together! This will definitely allow you to spend some quality time together after work.

Exercise together

I know, I know. Exercise. Dating? Go home. But I know plenty of couples that love working out together and lead a more active lifestyle. So exercising or doing some sort of sport or activity could definitely make a fun date idea for couples who don’t have as much time to see each other! Perhaps swapping your daily run for a game of tennis with your other half.

Turn a chore into a date

If you’re SERIOUSLY strapped for time, like SERIOUSLY, then take a leaf out of Mary Poppins’ book. Fun the fun and *snap*, the job’s a game. Or in this case, the job’s a date. Need to go the grocery shop? Go together and have a laugh out of it. Garden center? Date. Taking your dog to the vet? Date.

Have a gaming night

If you’ve both been at work all day and you’re tired and don’t want any elaborate date night, then a games night might be a great option for you! Whack out the board games and the old PlayStation and have fun just being goofs and forgetting how busy you are for a couple of hours. Check out this post on date ideas for gamers.

I’d love to hear how you fit dates into your routine if you and your partner and both busy people! Leave any suggestions you have below!


  1. I love exercising as a couple. It makes it more fun and you have someone to cheer you on and keep you going. Brunch is also a favourite date of mine, but that’s probably because I love pancakes so much, lol x

  2. Would love to do any of these! Our evenings are usually me going to bed with the baby because he cries and wont sleep without me haha!

    Corinne x

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