ad collaborative post // Coloring your hair has a lot of advantages, just as it comes with disadvantages too. It can help bring back dwindling hair shine due to overexposure. It can emphasize your hair’s texture while adding luster. The change (in hair color) can give you a new look and even pick up compliments along the way.

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It’s a nice way of changing things up a bit if you don’t mind the price, the upkeep, and most importantly, the mishap that can occur along the way. So, if you end up not being satisfied with the color you just did or want to change to another, it can be a little complicated to remove.

In either way, you’re going to need to strip the color. But it is possible. You can strip the color with the help of some tried and tested products described below.

Products for Stripping Your Hair

There are two ways you can strip your hair color. You can enlist the help of a professional or do it yourself at home. Going the professional way is your best option. But if you don’t have a budget for professional services or don’t have the time to visit one, you can go with some home remedies below:

Clarifying Shampoo

The best clarifying shampoos are designed to remove hair color and product build-ups. If you have permanent color, they’ll help fade the color and keep cleansing the hair until it becomes fresh and clean. It may take a while before you start seeing results so allow a few days or week to pass to see results.

Vitamin C Tablets

While it may not return the hair to its natural color, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) may help lighten the hair dye by a shade or two. When taken, vitamin C tablets will oxidize the hair dye color, thereby loosen it up. For effective result, crush 5-10 tablets and mix with your clarifying shampoo. Leave for a hour and rinse off.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a very powerful bleaching agent that when applied alone can fade hair color and remove traces of stain on the hair. It can be used in conjunction with your anti-dandruff shampoo (which contains selenium sulfide) to make it even more effective. The National Institutes of Health conducted a research in 2015 and concluded that baking soda, and other alkaline substances, can remove hair dye by penetrating the cortex of the hair.


Vinegar is another substance people have used to try and remove hair dye. It’s easier on the hair, unlike the others, but will take the most time. Vinegar is very acidic, and as most hair dyes can’t stand acidic substances, you can use it to strip the dye from the hair.

Fortunately, the chances of ruining your hair with vinegar is low. To prepare, add half cup of white vinegar to two cups of water. Before applying the mixture, shampoo and rinse your hair with your regular shampoo. Then add the mixture and let it sit for about 15-20 minutes before rinsing off. This should be done two times a week.

Are There Other Methods to Remove Hair Dye?

There are many other methods you can use to strip your hair of color. But many of these may not be safe, especially if you have very sensitive hair.


Although they’re time consuming, these methods are effective when used properly and religiously. They’re darn cheap too. You can use any of them to strip semi-permanent color or fade away permanent color. If you’re afraid of negative effects, consult your hairstylist before taking any step

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  1. These are some interesting tips! I remember I dyed my hair black when I was 15 and immediately regretted it, and it took 3 years for it to go. I couldn’t obviously afford to get it fixed at 15 so it was just me getting my hair cut shorter and shorter every time at the hairdressers and then me dying over it (probably not the best idea I know) so these tips would have been great! 🤣

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