AD // Okay I know what you’re thinking, “a whole post about FEET?” Yes, a whole post about feet. Personally, I don’t think we pay nowhere near enough attention to our feet. They’re SUCH an important part of our body, yet are met with groans and “eww’s” when we talk about them or when anything is wrong with them.

A bit of back story about my own damn feet (like you reaaaaally want to know) but I’ve always seemed to have problems with my feet, ever since I was a kid. They always hurt, they’re never comfortable in ANY shoes, they’re always either dry or peeling or have blisters.

I’ve always had to take extra care of my feet because, well, it hurts if I don’t.

I remember going skiing with my school and had to sit out a whole afternoon sessions because my feet were in so much pain. Not from being on them all day but just how my ski boots were pushing on my bones and skin – it was AGONY!

Your feet are what hold you up and get you from a to b. Most of us use them every single day but unlike our face or our body, we don’t think about them when it comes to self care or skincare. Which should change. Our poor damn feet are getting so neglected!

So although my feet are often sore and painful, dry or covered in blisters, I do actually take quite a bit of care of my feet. I find it’s a nice treat but it also makes me feel better and makes my skin less sore and my feet a bit less achy.

So although you might be inwardly gagging at the thought of feet or turning your nose up at the prospect of reading about feet, bare with me and read these 8 super easy but EFFECTIVE ways to take better care of your feet:

See a chiropodist (if you’re able to)

Seeing a chiropodist can make a HUGE difference in your foot health and looking after your feet. I see a chiropodist every month or so to keep on top of my feet. If accessibility is an issue, then there are plenty of chiropodists that come to your house too. They can do everything from treating a verruca, hard skin, taking care of your nails and more.

Use essential oils and creams

Just like you’d moisturize your face or put cream on your hands before you go to bed, you might want to think about adding a foot cream into your daily or nightly routine too. Slathering a lovely foot cream on before bed can allow it to soak in overnight and help moisturize your feet.

Massage your own feet

I know right, eww. But actually a self foot massage is a bloody lovely way to relax, wind down and tend to aching feet. Adding in some essential oils into the mix can make this a really pleasant experience. Especially if you’re not a fan of other people touching your feet – just do it yourself!

Be aware of any medical problems that might affect your feet

If you ever get anything done to your feet, it’s definitely worth mentioning any conditions you might have that may affect your feet. For example, my Dad was on blood thinners so he had to tell the chiropodist, so she could be extra careful. Particularly conditions like diabetes can impact your feet, so you might want to think about getting something like socks for diabetes.

Treat yourself to a pedicure

Looking after your feet can definitely mean aesthetically too by taking care of your nails. Going for a nice pedicure is great every once in a while as it can allow you to sit back and relax and also spruce your toe nails up for a special occasion. Just be cautious of the type of nail polish that’s used.

Try reflexology

Although reflexology covers the whole body, the physical aspect of the therapy is done through your feet. So it’s incredibly relaxing and can often paint a much bigger picture of what’s going on in your body at any given time. I absolutely loved reflexology when I started it this year and it’s a right treat for yourself, if you’re able to!

Stretch your feet

You might wake up in the morning and stretch your arms, your sides and your legs but you should definitely stretch your feet as well. It feels SO GOOD. You might be familiar with foot stretches if you enjoy Yoga but if not, you could try out this Yoga for Your Feet practice from Yoga With Adriene.

Be aware of any changes to your skin and nails

Like with the rest of your body, you should be checking your feet for any changes in moles or skin. Even areas like your feet which are regularly exposed to the sun aren’t immune! Check the soles of your feet, as well as your nails. It’s rare but you can get melanoma under your nails.

So let’s talk about feet! How do you like to take care of yours?

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