collaborative post // Are you worried about issues with confidence? Many people these days have problems with low confidence which can lead to doors which should be open remaining shut. It can stop them succeeding in the business world or personal relationships. Here are some of the confidence killers that you might need to address and the right way to handle them. 


First, you should think about issues with your skin. Problems with your skin can be anything from eczema to acne. It all depends on the type of skin that you have. A good skincare routine is the best way to tackle these issues. You might be tempted to use makeup.

However, the problem with excessive levels of makeup is that it will block up your pores and cause your skin to get gradually worse overtime due to the build up of grease, dirt and oil.

Instead of heavy makeup products try setting up a morning and night self-care routine and take care of your skin. And if you still want to wear makeup, try organic and quality products or alternatives to have a natural look.

For example, you can use lightweight concealers, wear natural eyelash extensions, brush your eyebrows and finish your look with a few drops of dew.Be aware that your diet can also have a significant impact on your skin too. You need to work on avoiding sugary snacks and foods. 


You could find that your confidence issues are rooted in problems with your hair. Perhaps your hair is thinner than you would like. Alternatively, it might have a weak overall appearance and aesthetic. Weak or thinner hair can be caused by issues with stress. Alternatively, you might find that it is due to certain medications that you have used in the past.

Most hair issues can be fixed by using the right shampoo or hair care products. If you are particularly worried about problems here, then you might want to think about speaking to a professional who can recommend the best options on the market. 


Plenty of people will mention their teeth when noting areas which cause them to have problems with confidence. If you are worried about your teeth, then it can stop you from smiling.

This can mean that you come across as awkward or uncomfortable in certain situations. To deal with this, you should make sure that you address problems with your teeth sooner rather than later. For instance, you may want to fix gaps between your teeth. An orthodontist will usually be able to help you with problems like this. 


Finally, it’s possible that it’s your style or fashion killing your confidence. It’s important to understand that all clothes are not designed to fit every type of body. This is why certain types of clothes might make you feel awkward or out of place. It’s also why you should choose clothes which fit you and provide the right benefits.

You can even use clothing to hide or draw attention away from an area which hits your levels of confidence. For instance, if you are self conscious about your top half, you need a flashy bright skirt. This will draw attention down to an area which you might be proud of. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the issues that can kill your confidence and the best ways to deal with them effectively. In doing so, you can avoid problems here negatively impacting your personal and professional life. 

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