collaborative post // If you’ve been enjoying the silly season, good; you totally deserve it. It’s been another tough year for so many, and, whether it has or hasn’t for you; everyone deserves to find joy and to head into the new year feeling refreshed and ready for anything. Christmas is always a lovely time for reflection; you’ll be able to think about and access the previous months and year.

This may lead nicely onto you considering what you might like to do, change, or get rid of in 2023. It could be time to grab that new stationery you got from your secret santa, and sit and write yourself a list (to check twice, obviously).

You’re already perfect just as you are by the way; however, there’s no harm in doing things differently, to make yourself feel better. Whatever sort of boost you give yourself, through change or new actions, can only be a positive thing.

So, use that weird week between Christmas and New Year, to really get stuck into your list, whatever it might have on it. The following are some ideas and inspiration for anyone who wants to improve one or two (or more) things in the new year, and moving forward through 2023.

Out With The Old

Whether it’s too much drinking, smoking, or time with toxic people; moving forward without the things that make you physically unwell and mentally drained can only be a positive thing in the new year.

It might be challenging at first, as these things often are; however, keep telling yourself that it’s going to improve your wellbeing long term so that you have the motivation to keep-up the great work.

Whether you need to find a support group, look into vape kits, or to say no to plans with certain people; take it a step and a day at a time. And, don’t forget to be kind to yourself! You’re trying your best.

In With The New

Maybe you don’t need to eliminate anything from your life, or, you’re already on top of all that; perhaps it’s time to plan the things that will enrich your current lifestyle even more. It’s the perfect chance, to scoff a mince pie and to sign-up to that class you’ve been thinking about, or those lessons you’ve been too nervous to do.

There’s no better time! Do it as soon as possible so that you can slide into 2023, with great plans ahead. 

Perhaps it’s travel plans; you can get some excellent deals on travel and flights in January, so start thinking about where you’d love to go. It could be time for your first solo trip; if this feels like too much, you could start going on solo dates and enjoying things on your terms.

Book tickets to concerts, festivals, exhibitions, and anything else that you just know you’ll love to experience when the time comes. Knowing you’ve got these things approaching will ensure January isn’t a difficult or depressing month at all, as you’ll be preparing the logistics to doing that food tour in Italy… enjoy!


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