ad // Bubble tea has taken the world by storm in the last few years, with more and more stores opening up across the globe selling this cool and quirky drink. But what exactly IS bubble tea? Where did it come from? And why should you try it?

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What is bubble tea and where did it come from?

Bubble tea originated in Taiwan in the early 1980’s. But like so many things, came over to America and was made famous worldwide.

Bubble tea is a tea based drink that can be served hot or cold and is made by blending the tea with milk or fruit and adding tasting tapioca pearls to the bottom of the drink for added flavour and texture.

The tapioca pearls come shooting up through the straw as you drink and can be chewed to release the flavours and make a fun and cool addition to an ordinary drink.

It’s also what has proved bubble tea as an Instagram sensation, with many people sharing their cool drinks on the gram!

What are some popular flavours of bubble tea?

There are many different variations of bubble tea you can choose from, with various Syrups & Jams you can add for flavour and texture. Here are some bubble tea options for you:

Earl Grey Bubble Tea

A refreshing alternative to an iced tea, this low-calorie drink is a great Summer beverage.

Black Milk Bubble Tea

One of the classic bubble tea flavours, before everyone started getting fancy with flavour additions!

Matcha Milk Bubble Tea

If you love the taste of matcha, then this one is for you. This earthy looking drink is popular in many bubble tea shops.

Strawberry Milk Tea

One for the fruity lovers, this vibrant, flavourful bubble tea option is thicker and creamier!

Brown Sugar Milk Bubble Tea

One of the most popular flavours of bubble tea from the last few years, this is made from Taiwanese tiger sugar.

Where can I get bubble tea?

Well, everywhere!

My local town has a small bubble tea shop and that’s certainly not somewhere you’d expect to see bubble tea being sold! As more and more people are coming to love bubble tea, the more likely you are to find somewhere near you that sells it.

But let’s look at London for now because if you’re going to find anything – it’s going to be in London.

And bubble tea is no exception. Here are 5 places in London to head to for your bubble tea the next time you’re in town:

  • Dragon Cat Cafe: A trendy cafe, situated in Hammersmith, using fresh fruits and tea leaves for their bubble teas
  • MooBoo: A franchise you can find all over London, including Camden, Goodge Street and Covent Garden
  • Coco Fresh Tea & Juice: A super popular place for bubble tea in London – there is always a queue, so get there early!
  • Biju: You can find Biju in Bethnal Green and their famous matcha is sourced from Japan
  • Xing Fu Tang: A direct translation to “pure happiness store”, you will see your bubble tea made directly in front of you!

Bubble tea is not only super yummy and refreshing but also a nice alternative to your typical Starbucks or coffee shop. Going for bubble tea could be a lovely afternoon friend date or even the perfect way to start a Summer date in the city!

Do you like bubble tea? What’s your favourite flavour?


  1. Great post! I love bubble tea! 🥰 I started drinking it when I was 14 but had to travel to Toronto to get it, which was 1.5 hours away from home. Back then, it was very hard to find but luckily things have changed since then.

    These days, bubble tea is much easier to find as it’s gained a lot of popularity. My favorite milk teas are Jasmine Green Milk Tea and Taro bubble tea. My favorite fruit tea is passion fruit green tea.

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