ad | I think it’s safe to say we all know a geek. And it’s also important to point out that being a geek or a nerd isn’t a bad thing, nor should be taken as an insult. John Green once said that being called a nerd is basically being told that you’re interested in stuff – and that’s certainly nothing to be sniffed at!

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I think being a geek about something can actually make it EASIER for people in your life to buy you things for occasions, like birthdays or Christmas. At least there’s something solid that they know you’ll like.

For me, it’s books. You absolutely cannot go wrong with getting me a Waterstones voucher (hint hint, my birthday is coming up soon). Vouchers definitely aren’t a cop-out if it’s for something you know they’ll love.

So here are 5 easy ideas to help you figure out what to buy the geek in your life for the next big occasion:

A day out of their choice

Depending on their specific interest, a day out of their choice might be a great idea for a gift for the geek in your life! Whether they’re geeking out about trains, science, books or something else, there’s always a day out that’s available – especially museums!

Tickets to a convention 

Convention tickets are a great option for the geek in your life and would make an excellent weekend for you both to make lots of fun and geeky memories! Whether it’s gaming, Star Wars, Disney or something else, there’s always a convention available!

Funny clothing and apparel 

For fun clothing that’s perfect for the geek in your life, check out Geeksoutfit. There is apparel to suit all types of geeks, including science t-shirts, Star Wars, it geek t-shirts and more! Definitely somewhere to check out for any geeky t-shirts.


Geeks love gaming! At least, I do. I’d definitely say I was a bit of a gaming geek, especially with games I REALLY get into, like Red Dead Redemption and The Last of US. So a game is a really great gift idea if your geek friend or partner enjoys it. Maybe take them out specifically to buy a new one.

A gift based on their interests

There are SO MANY THINGS that we can geek out about. Being a geek doesn’t just stop at science or trains – you can be a geek about anything! Which I think is why it’s so cool. It shows how different we all are when we look at all our different interests.

So buying gifts based on their individual interests is important; being a geek isn’t just one thing. If they’re a geek about books (hello!) maybe treat them to a few new books.

If they love cars, take them to a museum (Beaulieu is excellent!), if it’s Star Wars or another franchise, perhaps a figurine or something related to that? There’s so much to choose from!

What would you say you geek out about the most? Do you have a geek in your life?

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