In collaboration with Antalis | If you own a business where you have to send out physical products, product packaging is likely high on your priorities list. There are many different packaging styles, materials and options to choose from and to some degree, it will depend on what your product is, based on what option you go for.

But sustainability has to be up there as something to consider as well, regardless of the type of product you’re sending.

Not all packaging materials are created equal and if you’re not careful with what you choose, you can be contributing to damaging the environment more than you really need to, not to mention spending more on packaging than you’d like to be, which could be going towards other important areas of your business, like marketing.

What is sustainable packaging?

Sustainable packaging is packaging made of materials that limits the carbon footprint and environmental damage across it’s life cycle. Sustainable packaging is all about effectiveness as well, minimising weight and cost being a priority.

I’m sure we’ve all received an item in the post that we’ve ordered that’s come in far too much unnecessary packaging – that’s not sustainable. Sustainable packaging can – where possible – be reused and recycled too.

Why is sustainable packaging important?

Packaging for your business is really important and sustainable packaging even more so. Although I don’t think anyone should be vindicated for not being 100% sustainable in their packaging. It’s a learning curve and the all or nothing mentality a lot of people within the eco-friendly space has does nothing but discourage people.

So if you do have a business and you’re learning about sustainable packaging options or perhaps you’ve swapped out one aspect of your packaging and delivery for a more sustainable option, then good for you for trying and making that step. These steps should be celebrated.

But to convince you further of why sustainable packaging is important, here are 6 reasons why:

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It’s better for the environment

Let’s get the painfully obvious one out of the way first shall we? Sustainable packaging is better for the environment and considering the state our beautiful Earth is in, this should be an incentive to make sustainable changes in your packaging.

Plastic is convenient but did you know that 70% of recyclable plastics end up in landfill or the ocean anyway? So cutting down on your plastic usage entirely is definitely the right way forward.

There’s incentive to do so 

Plastic Packaging Tax is an incentive that came into force in the UK in April 2022 aimed at encouraging businesses to use recycled materials in their plastic packaging. It is thought that this incentive will stimulate increased levels of recycling. You can find out more about Plastic Packaging Tax here.

It improves you appeal 

Developing your brand as a place that puts the environment in one of the top spots on your priority list is only going to boost your curb appeal with customers and potential customers.

Chartered Institute of Marketing conducted some research that show a third of customers are willing to pay more for a product if it comes in sustainable packaging and 35% judge businesses, based on their ethical practices.

It’s easily reused or recycled

Part of what makes certain packaging sustainable is it’s ability to be recycled or reused easily. Sustainable packaging means that it has the potential for it’s lifespan to increase – which is what we want because it lowers carbon footprint but being an item that can be re-used over and over again.

It’s versatile

Most industries can use sustainable packaging, which is what makes it so versatile! The way in which non-sustainable petrochemical products are made makes them harmful to the environment and those chemicals stay within the packaging that’s covering your item that you’ve bought.

It can reduce transportation costs 

And finally, if you purchase good quality sustainable packaging for your business, then you’re likely going to need less of it, therefore reducing the transportation costs and also the out-going costs of your business, making it a more cost-effect packaging solution to consider!

Do you have a business? Are you more inclined to purchase from sustainable companies?

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