collaborative post | Not too long ago, Dubai was just a barren wasteland of desert. Now, it’s the fastest growing city in the world- a spectacular destination that over thirteen million tourists come to visit every year. But what exactly is it about Dubai that makes it so special? Here are four reasons why it needs to be on your travel bucket list.

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The weather

Most of us when we go away like to enjoy some tropical weather, let’s face it- everything is more fun in the sunshine! And if you come to Dubai you won’t be disappointed. In the summer it’s hot, dry and humid but due to its location is warm throughout the year. Great for spending time outside and enjoying Dubai for all it has to offer!

The attractions

One of the things that attract tourists to Dubai the most is the the shopping. In the mall of Dubai alone you’ll find over one thousand two hundred individual stores, and on top of this, there’s an Olympic sized ice skating rink, a swimming pool and number of cinemas.

There are numerous other malls, markets and shops in Dubai too so if you’re looking for your fix of retail therapy you won’t go wrong. Plus, everything is far cheaper in Dubai than it is elsewhere, search cheap flights Dubai and find a good deal on a hotel you won’t even need to spend much on the trip.

There are plenty of attractions for kids in Dubai too making it a fun family holiday, there are water parks, and underwater zoo, parks and the beach where you can play games, have a picnic and have fun in the sea.

Photo by Fredrik Öhlander on Unsplash

The food

The cuisine in Dubai is particularly interesting since it takes inspiration from all over the middle east as well as Asia. Due to it being a Muslim destination there are no pork dishes.

However chicken, lamb, beef and even camel will feature on the menu. But it’s not just traditional food you’ll find here, with such a focus on tourism there are hundreds of restaurants will all kinds of cuisines available so do some research before jetting off.

Whether you want to keep it casual at cafes and inexpensive eateries or push the boat out with something luxurious you are sure to find exactly what you want and Square Meal UAE can help with that!

The history and architecture

Modern Dubai might be seen as glamorous tourist destination now, however, under all of the glitz, there’s a rich and fascinating history waiting to be discovered.

Since Dubai’s culture is rooted in Islam, this affects all aspects of daily life. From the food to the dress, tourists are forever charmed with the hospitality of the Arab people who are known for being warm and friendly.

When it comes to architecture, you have some of the most stunning buildings in the world- the Burj Khalifa for example is currently the tallest structure on the planet.

On it you will see beautiful fountains, an observation deck to view the city (particularly gorgeous at night), there are hotel rooms, restaurants, shops and everything else you could possibly want.

The building is even surrounded by beautiful parks that you could stroll through in the morning or evenings before returning back to your room.

Have you ever been to Dubai? Where would you recommend?


  1. I actually know a lot of people that planned to go there in the Summer holidays, and I think it does attract a lot of students! Although, personally I’m more into history so I have a few other places top of my list so far 🙂 x

    Velvet Blush

  2. I used to live there before I moved to Canada 😂😂 But it’s really cool. I went to Global Village and Dubai’s Opera (right next to burj khalifa).

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