ad | So after that weird heatwave we had in the UK at the beginning of September, which saw temperatures reach 30 degrees when we should have been getting geared up for Autumn, I think the weather has finally got the memo and realise that Autumn is here. Ah, climate change. Brilliant, isn’t it?

A lot of stores I’ve been in to are definitely getting into the Autumn mood; with many having had Autumn decor out on their shelves since JULY. Yes, I’m talking about you Primark.

Autumn is definitely one of the best seasons, I think most people would agree. That well needed respite from the heat, the opportunity to cosy up with blankets and jumpers, Autumn scented candles, PSL’s – it’s heaven.

But one event that many people like to gear up for – especially in the US – is Halloween, obviously!

We’re definitely not as Halloween mad over here in the UK but we do try and embrace it with scary movie marathons, visits to the pumpkin patches that cover the UK’s country sides and possibly a Halloween party or two!

I’ve only been to one Halloween party in my life but I remember it being a lot of fun. I dressed up at Peter Pan and my best friend at the time was Tinkerbell.

Now that I’m in my 30’s, I feel like most Halloween parties are probably geared towards kids so, in this post, we’re going to look at a range of things you need for a great Halloween party for you and your family!

5 Things You Need for a Great Halloween Party:

Matching Halloween t-shirts

So a party doesn’t always have to mean a big thing with loads of people and alcohol. You could have a pyjama party or a movie party – any type of party is good in my opinion! To really look the part, you could check out beepumpkin where they sell matching family halloween shirts for a super cozy night in! Don’t forget to put your baby in a cute personalized newborn outfit too.

Spooky snacks 

Any party needs good food and an occasion like Halloween is a great chance to get really creative with the food you make and serve and also get the kids involved in it as well. You might want to make basic things but Halloween-ify them by turning them into ghosts or mummies. I actually have a blog post coming up with Halloween bakes, so look out for that!

Pumpkin decor

You definitely need to pumpkin-ify your house for Halloween and the good thing about pumpkins is that they’re not too scary for kids but they’re very effective. A trip to a pumpkin patch beforehand to pick your own pumpkins to carve and keep outside your front door for Halloween is also a super fun activity as well.

Halloween party games

Nobody is too old for party games, so whether your party is for adults or for kids, it’s worth doing some research into fun Halloween party games to play! Check out this post from Country Living for 44 amazing Halloween games that suit all ages!

Halloween cocktails

If your party is for adults, then this is a great time to get creative with the drinks you’re serving. Find out how to make some Halloween cocktails, with daring ingredients and vibrant colours or perhaps even do a cocktail making session at the party, so your guests can make their own spooky drinks.

If you’re planning a Halloween party this year for the kids (or the kids at heart) I hope this post has given you some ideas of what to include to make it a good one.

Have you been to a Halloween party? What made it so good?

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