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All Beth’s ever had on Valentine’s Day is unwanted junk mail and unpaid bills! But this year, when the post lands on her doormat, one item in particular catches her eye…

Could this be Beth first ever genuine Valentine’s Day card?! The handwritten card might be a cheesy cliche….but who cares! The big question is – who is it from?

Unfortunately, the only possibilities racing through her head are people she sincerely hopes didn’t send it, including all of her definitely-not-Mr-Perfect exes. (Oh, or the guy in Accounts with the comb-over!)

Sadly, Beth’s pretty sure it’s not from Luke – her dishy new neighbour with the super-glamorous model girlfriend, and dreamy eyes that have never once noticed her… Or have they?

For a girl who’s never received so much as a Valentine’s e-mail before, this February 14th Beth finds herself with a secret admirer…who could just turn out to be The One



The Girl Who’s Never Had a Valentine is a very short story (about 25 pages) about literally, a girl who’s never had a Valentine. 28 year-old Beth lives alone, has had a string of unsuitable boyfriends over the years but currently no man on the horizon. On the morning of February 14 she wakes up to find a Valentines Day card sitting amongst her mail but has no idea who it’s from. Things take an unexpected turn and this little card may have brought her more than just secret admirer.

The problem I have with short stories is they don’t give you enough time or information to get into their world but with this book, I don’t think that was the point. It really does confirm everything us girls have thought about at some point during our lives of boyfriends, lack of boyfriends or boyfriends who we thought were ‘the one’. In a weird way it shows that anything can happen in that odd twist of fate. Beth was a charming character and in the short time I knew her, I really connected with her and would have very much enjoyed this book as a full length novel as Beth seems like the sort of girl I would have really enjoyed getting to know even more.

The writing style was readable and enjoyable which is another reason this story would have translated well into a full-length book. It was a cute and fun quick read, perfect to read in one sitting on a tea break, on your morning commute or when you just need a break from life for 20 minutes.

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