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I was absolutely thrilled to be tagged in this Disneyland Paris tag by the gorgeous Danielle from Underland to Wonderland. It’s no secret that I’m a die-hard Disney fan; I could surround myself with Disney every day and never get bored. I’ve been to Disneyland Paris 3 times in my life and I truly think it’s the happiest place on Earth. My heart swells up whenever I think about it! So… On with the tag!

1. What year did you first visit DLP and how old were you?

I was 5 so it must have been 1997; I went with my parents (obviously, I didn’t just jump on the train and go on my own) and although I can’t remember, apparently it was freezing.

2. Which of the Disney hotels have you stayed in, if any, and do you have a favorite?

I’ve only ever stayed in 1 which is the Hotel Santa Fe – mostly because it was one of the cheaper ones because Disneyland Paris ain’t bloody cheap! Our logic is considering you spend very little time in the hotel anyway, it’s pointless spending hundreds upon hundreds for one of the fancier ones. I’d love to be able to afford the luxury of staying in the Disneyland Hotel one day!

3. Let us in on where the best places to eat within both parks and the Disney Village are.

I ate in Annette’s diner one time and it was amazing! Of course, ridiculously over-priced but the atmosphere was electric and the waiters were on roller skates. The food was incredible too – I had a hot dog that was the length of my arm! I have very little knowledge of places to eat in the actual park because we’ve tried to take as much food as possible with us to save spending out.

4. Where is your first port of call when entering the Disneyland Park?

There is no other ride I’d choose for my first port of call other than Peter Pan’s Flight. I think for each time I’ve visited, it’s been both my first and last ride. In fact, the last time, we were almost late for our train because we were queuing! That ride is just magical, I love the boat carts you sit in and it really captures the essence of the film.

5. Do you have a favorite ‘land’? If so why?

I like Frontierland because it’s a lot of fun and has great rides and shops but my favourite land has to be Fantasyland because to me it’s what Disney is all about. The colourful, magical madness of Disney.

alice maze

6. Which ride could you ride over and over and never tire of?

Last time I visited, I went on Space Mountain twice in a row and almost puked so I won’t be doing that again. I could ride Peter Pan’s Flight over and over again. And Thunder Mountain because it’s my favourite of the rollercoasters!

7. Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios park?Oh they’re both just fantastic; the Walt Disney Studios has some fantastic rides like the Finding Nemo rollercoaster (don’t know what it’s called) and the Aerosmith rollercoaster (don’t know what that’s called either) but of course, I’d say the actual Disneyland Park.

8. Tell us about your favorite character meeting ever at DLP.

Oh! I met Winnie the Pooh and was really lucky because after us, the guy who worked there was like, “Come on Pooh bear, it’s time to go” – it was just so cute.

9. What is a parade/show from any year that is most memorable to you?

After reading Danielle’s answer of the Main Street Electrical Parade, I have to agree. The lights are beautiful and the whole thing is completely magical. I have an old cassette tape from when I was 5 and I cried so much watching the parade back!

10. You can only ride one – Mad Hatters Teacups or Dumbo the Flying Elephant?

Dumbo, definitely. The Tea Cups would make me feel sick after a while!


11. What do you think is the best attraction in the Walt Disney Studios park?

I saw a car stunt show when I went the second time and it was awesome! I mean like, wow! There was fire and car chases and drives whizzing around backwards. Other than that, the Nemo rollercoaster!

12. Describe your happiest Disneyland Paris memory of all time.

Oh wow, this is an impossible question to answer. Every moment is magical. But when I went for New Years Eve and saw the outstanding firework display lighting up the castle and the amount of people there to share the moment with and the changeover into the new year; that was magical.

I don’t want to tag anyone specific because obviously I don’t know who’s been to Disneyland Paris and who hasn’t but if any of my readers want to do this tag, please feel free! If you do, please leave your links on this post as I’d love to read your answers!

Have you been to Disneyland Paris? What are your favourite rides or things to do there? And who is the best character you’ve ever met?! Let me know!


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  2. Disneyland Paris is definitely a happy place of mine, and Mad Hatters Tea Cups makes me feel ill too, just I just love the design of it all and the colours. I was wondering if you fancied taking part in my Disneyland Paris: This or That tag that I’ve just posted as I would love to hear your preferences when it comes to Disneyland Paris.

    Lizi (

  3. Two amazing memories for me…My youngest daughter meeting Winnie The Pooh and asking if he had a rumble in his tummy while tickling him.
    My eldest daughter discussing the best way to swim underwater with Ariel.
    It’s such a magical place xxx

    1. Ahhh so glad you had a good time! I love how close it is too and how convenient the Eurostar is, taking you right into the middle of Disneyland! It literally couldn’t be easier 🙂 I’ll take a look at your post shortly! xx

  4. Jenny, you are going to hate me saying this but I hated every minute of my trip there! I have never liked Disney things and would not have gone at all but my son wanted to go when he was small so we eventually took him back in 2000. I dont do rides in theme parks either i’m such a wimp so it was a bit like torture for me Lol. My hubby took him on most of them although it was mega busy because a lot of the rides were closed for maintenance so the ones that were open were over subscribed and they only went on about 3 things in total. The one thing i did enjoy was the train which runs round all the themes, that was quite fun to keep catching to save my aching feet.
    The best bit about the whole weekend was the journay back through Paris and the stop we had at notre Dame where i got to touch the stones of the cathedral.

    Gill x

    1. Oh Gill, you break my heart! :'(

      I suppose if you’re not a big fan of rides then that can put a downer on it and you’re so right about the queues. The last time I went, it was in November when all the kids were at school and it was the middle of the week so we could literally walk on and off rides sometimes with no queue at all and it was fantastic. The time before that, I remember queuing for over 2 hours for some rides! Although some of the not so scary rides are wonderful, even for ride haters! It does get SO busy sometimes, I agree.

      Ooh I’ve seen Notre Dame too, it’s fantastic isn’t it? SO impressive close up, absolutely breath taking! xo

  5. I’ve never been to Disneyland before in my life! Your post really makes me want to go. It truly sounds magical. Although I feel a little childish, I want to go there! And those pictures, oh my, gorgeous! xoxo

    1. Oh no no no don’t feel childish! You’re NEVER too old for Disneyland! It is so magical, I’d love to visit Disney World in America some day but I think the Paris resort will always hold a special place in my heart <3 I'm glad you like my photos! I loved going through all my old ones to pick some out to include in the post! xo

  6. I love disneyland Paris, as soon as you see the castle it’s like you’re a little kid again, it’s amazing. There are still a couple of rides I haven’t managed to go on. Rock ‘n’ Rollarcoater is my favourite though, followed by the tower of terror. Your post has made me want to go back now.

    Hayley \\

    1. Oh I completely agree! The sight of the castle sends shivers down me! Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster is fantastic, isn’t it?! The music playing whilst you’re going round is amazing! Tower of Terror is one ride I’ve always been to scared to go on though, haha! Thanks for your comment! xo

    1. Oooooh Caroline, I LOVE that ride! I proper takes me back to my childhood when I went with my parents. I didn’t know the words to the song so I’d sing, “And a foddy oh and a foddy ay” hahaha! :’D xo

  7. Love it! Peter Pans flight is a fav of mine too. I feel like a kid gazing off the side of the ‘ship’ down onto the scene of London – its beautiful. (The only time London has looked beautiful to me! haha)
    The Nemo ride is Crush’s Coaster and the Aerosmith one is the Rock n Roller Coaster but I haven’t been on either. I’ll never go on the Aerosmith one but hope to have someone with me next year that will do Crush’s coaster with me!


    1. Thank you for the reminders! I totally knew that but my mind went blank whilst writing this! The Aerosmith coaster is SO FREAKING GOOD! It’s so much fun and you HAVE to go on Crush’s when you next go. I queued up for that for 3 hours once because I loved it so much hahaha, it’s so much fun, not scary at all! 🙂 xo

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