Hello my little lost boys and girls! I hope you’ve all had a fabulous month and read some amazing books too! I’ve been away on holiday and gallivanting around the UK for a lot of May but I still managed to get some reading done, although not as much as usual. I did come home from holiday to a lot of lovely bookpost which I will share with you below! Here’s what’s been going on in Neverland this May…

What I’ve Received and Won


Publishers: Jack of Spades by Joyce Carol Oates and The Washington Stratagem by Adam Lebor (Head of Zeus)

Won in Giveaways: We Are All Made of Stars by Rowan Coleman, The Little Old Lady Who Struck Lucky Again and The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules by Catharina Ingelman-Sunberg, When We Were Friends by Tina Seskis and The Lie (+ a cute little incense set!) by C.L Taylor

What I’ve Read and What I’m Currently Reading


During May, I took part in Sophie and Suzanne’s NetGalley month. Having only just started using NetGalley, I didn’t want to be a let down and let the books I’ve requested sit on my Kindle for months on end so this was the perfect opportunity to get some of them read and reviewed. Firstly, I read Don’t Turn Around by Caroline Mitchell, which was fabulous. Creepy, haunting and spine-tingling. Next up was Game of Scones by Samantha Tonge. I’ve heard so many amazing things about this book and they were all 100% right. An absolute gem. Lastly, it was Disclaimer, which you’ve no doubt heard lots about. An intriguing, original plotline with a lot of suspense but not exactly what I was expecting.

I also managed to fit in Under My Skin before the month was out which I am reading and reviewing for Zoe’s book tour which I will be hosting in July. I won’t reveal too much, but let me say, this book was INCREDIBLE! My current read is Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix (No, I haven’t read them all yet, don’t come after me with a pitch fork) which will take me approximately 3 years to finish.

What I’m planning to read next month

1234I signed up for Sophie and Suzanne’s Paperback Summer, because these two are just the best at organising online reading events that get bloggers and reading together talking about books. I’ve really enjoyed the last two events I took part in so I couldn’t miss this one. Paperback Summer is running throughout June, July and August and the objective is simple: Read as many paperbacks as you can! I’m hoping to get through a fair bit of my bookcase and might slip in a few Harry Potter’s and Narnia’s while I’m at it too. I don’t have a goal to aim for, I just want to enjoy the books I’m reading!


If you’re following me on Twitter you’ll know I was away on holiday during May which I wrote a blog post about here. We had an amazing time and it was great to step away from the laptop for a while and experience the great outdoors and embrace the beauty of the Lake District.

Since I’ve been back from holiday, I’ve also been working hard on my own WIP. I’ve spoke about the fact I’m writing something on Twitter a few times and after watching this video by Miranda Dickinson, it really inspired and pushed me to get my head down and work. It’s really exciting and I’m loving my story and characters (at the moment). As I’m writing this, I’m currently just over 22 thousand words. My goal was to reach 20 thousand by the end of May, which I did do! Yay! I also wrote a blog post about my writing experience so far.

Monthly shout-outs for June

My first shout out is for Caroline Mitchell, author of Don’t Turn Around (which I recently reviewed here and man alive, it was fabulous!) if you’re a fan of Crime and paranormal and brilliant plot-twists, this is for you!

Next up is author and my friend, Lynsey James who’s debut Just The Way You Are (which I also recently reviewed here) was released in May. It’s cute, funny and heart-warming and the perfect summer read.

Charlotte from Charlotte Reads is my next shout out and I am currently completely smitten with her gorgeous blog. Go check it out!

Lost is my next bookish shout out for the month by the lovely Elle Field who you should definitely check out if your into chick litty!

It Started At Sunset Cottage by Bella Osbourne is another book I can’t wait to get my mitts on, I mean have you seen the cover? It’s absolutely beautiful!

The Lost Child by author, Ann Troup is one you should be hearing all over the shop at the moment! I’m a massive mystery fan and this is definitely on my wish-list. I’m also thrilled to be organising a tour for this book in July!

That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed my post. What book post did you receive this month or what other exciting things have you all been up to? Are you taking part in any reading challenged this summer? Let me know!


    1. Ooh really? That’s fab, well done! That was one of the giveaways I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to win, SO happy I did!!! Heard so many amazing things about that book, can’t wait to read it 🙂 xx

    1. What an awesome idea! At least when you’re in bed, you ALWAYS have a book close enough to you to read! So there’s no excuse really 😉 Is one of them tour organisers me? 😛 I really hope you like Under My Skin by Zoe Markham. I finished it last week and thought it was incredible! Have a great June too! 🙂 xx

  1. So many great books, have fun reading them! And thank you for joining our events, it’s so much fun to chat about books with you. x

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