Hi guys! Welcome to yet another wrap-up post. I swear the last one is only up for a day before I have to start writing another one! Well, I hope you’ve all had a lovely June and the weather is warming up where you are. June has been pretty good for me too – bookish and otherwise! So lets get to it!

What I’ve Received, Bought and Won


Publishers: The Dress by Kate Kerrigan (Head of Zeus), My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologies by Fredrik  Backman (Bookbridgr) and Bull Mountain by Brian Panowich (Head of Zeus) Won: Full Brazillian by Cintia Silva with Teena Lyons Bought: The Fire Within by Chris d’Lacey (a childhood favourite of mine I’m desperate to read again!) I also received a lovely little wish bracelet from Lynsey James as a thank you for helping out with her book.

cheeky boo 1cheekyboo2

I also bought myself some treats from Cheekyboo, a small, handmade gifts company I found on Twitter who sell just the cutest, most adorable gifts! I bought myself a little notebook, handy for my writing and jotting down ideas in case I’m not near my laptop and a colouring book – my first one after wanting to get one since the craze started! I literally cannot fault this company; the delivery was fast, they interact with you on Twitter and the packaging is so cute! Would highly recommend so check them out!

Also, on Kindle…

Chick Lit splurge this month! Left to Right: NetGalley, Bought, Free, NetGalley, NetGalley, Bought

What I’ve Read and What I’m Currently Reading


I’ve actually had a pretty shocking reading month, which I didn’t realise until I came to write my monthly wrap-up.  I started the month by reading “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” and me being far too ambitious, thought I’d be finished it by now. WRONG. I’m not a particularly quick reader, unless a book is so incredibly engrossing and I can’t say I’m a die-hard HP fan either so I’m still trundling through it but I’m enjoying it, so that’s all that matters right? I also read “Every Day” by David Levithan, which I finished in 1 day because it was incredible. Also, “The Shock of the Fall” by Nathan Filer which has had a lot of fab reviews and really enjoyed as well. Along with HP, I’m currently reading “Unravelling Oliver” by Liz Nugent.


As most of you know, I also run Neverland Blog Tours – a touring service for authors and luckily for me, I’ve had and still have some amazing tours this year. I was lucky enough to organise a tour for QVC presenter, Julia Roberts last month for her book, “Life’s a Beach and Then…” then, throughout July, I am steaming with great tours. The first is for debut author, Zoe Markham for her book, Under My Skin which I’ve read myself and can honestly say, is incredible. Next is a tour for Ann Troup’s, The Lost Child which is already doing really well and lastly in July, I’m organising a tour for a Head of Zeus author, Ian Ross for his book Swords Around the Throne”. I’m also thrilled to be organising a mini-mini tour for Lynsey James for Just The Way You Are and in September there’s Karen Aldous’s tour for her new book,The Riviera“.

I’m also still doing well with my writing and am currently just over 30k. I’m still enjoying it and still loving my characters (apart from 1 who’s a bit of a prick!) and feeling very optimistic about it, especially after getting some incredibly invaluable feedback from an author friend who I 100% trust. The feedback was really good, in fact, I couldn’t have been happier with it!

Monthly Shout-outs for July

Firstly, I’d like to shout out to James McCann and his book, “#Spotted” which has had some fab reviews so far!

Next is the lovely Caroline Mitchell, who’s book Don’t Turn Around” is still storming through the charts!

Zoe Markham, is my next shout out. Her book, “Under My Skin” is just incredible and I’m so excited for the tour!

My next shout out is the gorgeous Anabelle Bryant, author of the Historical Romance, “Regency Charms” series!

The fabulous Laura Salters who’s dream of becoming an author came true this year with her debut, “Run Away“!

I’d like to shout out to author, Lynsey James who’s working hard on her next book which I’m so excited about!

Lastly, Bella Osbourne, author of “It Started at Sunset Cottage” which reviewers say, “Bella Osborne has written a wonderful book!”

Well, that’s my June in a nut shell. How was yours? Let me know what you’ve been receiving, reading and loving in June!


  1. Lovely collection, looks like you’ve had a lovely June! I really need to get some things I’ve been swooning over on Cheekyboo, it’s my new favourite shop! – Tasha

    1. So cute isn’t it! All their products are to die for! A book tour is basically a virtual tour of a book where each day of the tour is hosted by a different blogger/s where they post their review of the book or a content post such as a guest post from the author. I organise the tours – so have to get together all the information from the author, email the bloggers, finalise the schedule and distribute the media to those taking part 🙂 it takes a lot of time – especially when there’s now than 1 tour on the go ( I currently have 5 fully planned and 2 in the pipeline!) but it’s great and I really enjoy it. I’m always looking for new tour hosts who want to take part in tours! 🙂 xxx

  2. Those covers of the books you have on Kindle are just so cute. 😊 yes, I’m a sucker for cute covers and I sometimes buy a book because of the covers itself. Haha.

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