When we’re young and going through the big P (puberty, for those who glossed over that one), we’re given so much information about what is happening to us and our bodies and it’s a lot to take in. There’s also a lot of things that we don’t get taught or even made aware of at such a young age and only when we start getting older and more knowledgeable do we even start to learn about these essential parts of growing up and more importantly, womanhood. Most of the things I know now I actually researched and found out about myself. The only thing I remember being shown at school was a tampon in a glass of water so we could see how it expands (what?). But if I had a girl, I’d like to think I would teach her everything – so when she turns into a young woman, she wouldn’t have to spend hours on Google, reading leaflets or asking for advice on Twitter.

Periods and Women's Health

Here are 10 things I wish I knew when I was younger or wish I was told (to save a hella lot of panic) about periods and woman’s health. 

  1. Just because the packet of sanitary towels say to change every 4-6 hours, does not mean you literally have to change it every 4 hours on the dot. You can change as often as you need to to feel clean.
  2. PMS is often worse than the period itself (in my case). You will feel like shit but it’ll pass and no you’re not dying.
  3. Speaking of PMS, it makes your boobs hurt and become lumpy and bumpy sometimes. Do. Not. Panic. This is normal (for me) and they will go back to normal, do not spend all night searching through breast cancer forums and scaring yourself to the point of being sick.
  4. Which brings me onto my next point: Boobs in general can be a bit lumpy and bumpy. Don’t be scared to have a good feel around and know what looks and feels normal for you. If you had had the courage and support to do this earlier, you wouldn’t have panicked so much when you finally did.
  5. You don’t have to use tampons if you don’t want to. I know everyone in Sex and the City does but it’s okay not to, really.
  6. It’s okay to stay in bed and not do a single thing for the first day of your period. It’s not okay to cry at work because your stomach is hurting so much to the point where you can barely stand up.
  7. You don’t have to flush the chain to drown out the sound of a sanitary towel wrapper when you’re in your friends bathroom. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. They have periods too. It’s not embarrassing. I promise.
  8. You can’t get pregnant if you’ve not had sex and you’re on the pill. The end. 
  9. You also don’t have to stay on the pill for a boy’s sake. 
  10. And finally, you should never, ever be afraid to ask for help or advice. Parents, friends, support helplines – there’s always someone there to help. Oh and your GP has seen it all before. And worse.

Would you agree with any of these or do you have any to add yourself? What are some things you wish you could have told your younger self about these topics? Or what to you plan to tell your own children? 


  1. I so wish my younger self could read this. What a laugh! All the things I had to learn over times and I’m still learning! Is there no end to this madness?

    …here’s to reading menopause posts down the line and trying to figure that one out!
    xxo Bri

  2. My daughter was 10 and in junior school. She also had a male teacher. They had to do a talk to the girls about periods before they did a weeks trip because she bleeds heavy and can get up in the morning with it everywhere. The teacher and I was worried it might frighten some of the girls.

    I think schools should be better prepared though with more sanitary disposals and not in the main area.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree – there needs to be more education- not just about periods but all aspects of women’s health at the appropriate ages when the questions will arise. More openness in primary schools and even secondary schools is SO needed so that girls know this is NORMAL and not embarrassing and nothing to be concerned about x

  3. Aw Jenny, I love this post, it’s so true and so bloody relatable! I was an early starter and was always so embarrassed; trying to hide the sound of the sanitary towel wrapper is definitely something I did a lot haha. Now I’m not so bothered, but still agree with the lazy days in bed. 😉 Great post lovely! xx

  4. I agree with all of these!! I would also add:

    – Just because all of your friends have started their period doesnt mean there is something wrong with you (My friends were all 11 and 12, I was 13)

    – You dont have to tie your school jumper round your waist. No one will see your pad through your trousers!

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