Easter might be over and schedules may be getting back to normal and those “back to reality every day” blues are probably starting to settle in. I’m also confident that whatever your chocolate of choice, you’ve probably indulged on a lot of it over the past 2 weeks and good for you! You deserve to treat yourself! But just because Easter is over, it doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself and not indulge in some tasty treats every now and again.

Today, I’m offering up a little suggestion of a perfect ‘after Easter’ treat by the name of Elizabeth Shaw. I was lucky to receive a pack of the Dark Chocolate Mint Crisp Elizabeth Shaw choccies to well, eat and review so I settled down with a cuppa to have a little taste test.

I’ve been a huge fan if dark chocolate recently, I know its not for everyone and I never used to enjoy it all that much but over the past few months I have been digging dark chocolate. Mint is also a funny one with me when it comes to chocolate but I was excited to give these a try.

What I noticed is that the mint flavour comes through first but the “aftertaste” is very, very chocolaty. They also taste wicked dipped in a cuppa tea but that might just be me being very, very British! You get a fair enough in this little box and with the mint being quite strong, I can’t imagine you’d be eating he entire lot in one whack I had 2 and that was enough to do me for the afternoon until lunch.

They’re all lovingly individually wrapped in this lovely gold paper and I love the outer packaging a well. I was secretly very happy that the received one in my Hogwarts colour, Slytherin.

You can pick up Elizabeth Shaw treats from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Waitrose Lidl, Morrisons and more. And they come in a whole range of flavours to suit your tastes such as; Orange Crisp, Salted Caramel Crisp, Mint Creams Raspberry Bites, Almond Bites and a whole load more. I loved these Mint Crisp chocolates, they tasted very refreshing and quite posh? If that’s the word to use.

Like you’d receive them in a really nice restaurant with a coffee after your dinner type thing! The ones I received were vegetarian and gluten free as well so you should be able to find one that suits specific dietery needs.

What’s your all-time favourite chocolate? You a fan of dark chocolate or mint?

* This product was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. As always, all thoughts and opinions stated here are entirely my own.


  1. I love dark chocolate. You can’t eat a lot of it in one go which is a good thing for me! I’m a fan of mint in chocolate too. Mint aeros were my fave when I was younger. Orange chocolate is good too. Not a fan of chilli in chocolate though.

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