AD | I’m 27 in less than a month and quite frankly… I’m freaking the heck out. I’m not a fan of my birthday anyway but it seems with every passing year, I dread it more and more. As far as my life’s timeline goes, well, let’s say that it doesn’t look anything like how I thought it would look at this age. There’s plenty of life events I have yet to happen but there’s also plenty of travel experiences I’d love to have too!

Travel Experiences I'd Love To Have

Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

I’m not a particularly well-rounded traveler. I’ve never really put an importance on extensive travel. I just don’t think backpacking across Europe for 3 months is my kinda thing. I don’t like heat. Hate bugs. And everything makes me anxious. So yeah, I’m not the best travel partner.

But I do love a holiday and treating myself to that down time and having the chance to switch off. I like my routine. My bed. And I love my home comforts. And although I don’t tend to get home sick, I much prefer going on holiday knowing that there’s an end date to it. If anything, it allows me to enjoy it more.

So you won’t find anything too extreme within this post. But it’s important to keep it real. So here are some travel experiences I’d love to have before I turn 30:

Stay in a villa

Whenever I’ve been abroad, I’ve always stayed in a resort. I know… I’m SUCH a tourist. But I like resorts. I like the ease of them. But unless you travel outside the resort, into local towns, to see local sights and mingle with the local people, you rarely get to experience the culture of the place you’re in.

Because there’s something very British about the all you can eat buffet, karaoke and afternoon aerobics in the pool.

So I think villa holidays would be a really good option which allow you to stay somewhere more authentic to the country you’re in and will also force you in a way to experience the culture. Most villas are self catering, so you’ll need to venture into the town to buy food. Or eat out in local restaurants.

Travel Experiences I'd Love To Have

Photo by beasty . on Unsplash

Go on a Disney cruise

I know, feel free to tell me how basic I am in the comments. But seriously, a Disney cruise has always been on my travel experiences I’d love to have wish list. You know by now that I’m a huge Disney fan and it’s been far too long since I visited Disneyland Paris.

And although I adore Disneyland Paris and would love to go there again soon, a Disney cruise is high up on my wish list because I think it’d be a really different experience. I also love the sea and the water (despite not being a very good swimmer, actually!) So being out on the ocean surrounded by Disney sounds like some people’s idea of a nightmare… but my idea of a dream!

Go to Lapland at Christmas

I’ve always wanted to go to Helsinki but I think Lapland at Christmas would be truly magical. I’ve never even really been a huge Christmas lover but I think that would change if perhaps I wasn’t in the UK for Christmas. Although I’m 26, I’d love to visit Santa at Santa Claus village!

But there’s also so much else I’d love to see and experience in Lapland, so I’d definitely need a longer trip to fit it all in! Such as the Ranua Zoo – home to arctic species, Pyhä-Luosto National Park and of course a stay in The SnowCastle of Kemi hotel (constructed every Winter from snow and ice!)

Go to a Grand Prix

I love my Formula 1 so I’d love to go and see a Grand Prix at some point in my life! Preferably not the British Grand Prix (as this is a travel experiences post) as I’d love to make a holiday out of my time in whatever country I’m in to watch the Grand Prix as well.

The Formula 1 circus go to so many amazing tracks and countries, so it’d be a hard decision to pick. The most obvious choice would have to be the Monaco Grand Prix – but I’ve have to up my income a bit to be able to afford both a holiday and the Grand Prix!

So these are just a few of the travel experiences I’d love to have before I turn 30! Will I manage any of them? I do hope so. I’d love to hear about the travel experiences on your wish list!

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  1. This is probably not at the top of or maybe not even on your list, but seeing the start of the Indy 500 is one of the most exciting experiences in motor racing. I admit I’m biased because I grew up there.

  2. Disney Cruise is a great idea! I want to try it too. 27 was an amazing year for me. That’s when I thought of starting on investing in myself and started my travel blog. I have a few months to go before I turn 30 and there’s still a lot of things I plan to do. Just stick to your goals and take baby steps. You’ll be able to do it! I believe in you!

  3. Lapland is the best! I have a post about Kakslauttanen Arctic resort which I would HUGHLY recommend. It was unreal! Love this post. 30 things before 30 is real. I might need to do one and see how many I can tick off in the next 2 years! Ahh! Xxx

  4. You know what, 27 was actually a really good age for me. I’m confident it will be for you too – and hopefully you’ll get on a Disney cruise! I’m so glad we stayed in a villa in Antigua. Most people seem to stay in hotel resorts (which I did in Barbados) but you’re right, it’s a much more authentic feeling when you have to leave and experience the area properly!

  5. Oh hun, I know what it’s like to not look forward to a birthday! I love the idea of these travel experiences especially staying in a villa! It looks like so much fun!

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

  6. These sound like fun travel experiences. Especially visiting Lapland and the Disney Cruise. I believe we are never too old for these things. Aren’t we all still kids inside? 🙂

  7. We’re staying in a villa for the first time in October and I can’t wait! If you like resorts then you should consider apartment complexes as they’re sort of in between resort and villa – they’re what we usually go for. You can have the English breakfast if you really want, but it’s also self-catering and you have total freedom to eat where you like. I’m not a fan of anything British abroad so I like how easy it is to integrate into the culture with them, whilst still having access to a pool, private bar, gym, and so on if you need them!

      1. Another fantastic option is Airbnb. You can find great places smack in the middle of everything or out in the middle of nowhere and rent an entire place. I am currently in an Airbnb in Lisbon in the Baixa area close to everything but have stayed in a laid back bungalow on Zanzibar, for example! Some places are super unique and charming.

  8. I love your holiday wish list!! And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with not wanting backpacking travelling trips, I’m not keen on that either, but sometimes you feel like you have to want that!? I’m definitely with you on the Disney cruise, would be amazing! I’m also desperate to organise a road trip through California seeing San Francisco, big Sur, Yosemite, LA…and Disneyland California of course! I better get saving! Xx

  9. I also haven’t done any of these! The closest I’ve come to staying in a villa and having a local’s experience is staying in Airbnbs with the host, who would tell me all the cool local spots to go to. I’m turning 30 in less than 2 months and would have loved to travel more, but I guess my 20s weren’t the right time. I definitely want to travel more in my 30s though!


  10. You are right in post if for me I will like to stay in the villa because am born in it but looking at those cultural life is the best too because is the fun you got out of cultural display.

  11. Travelling is one of the things that I feel most disappointed about not being able to do now. I would have love to have gone to Korea or Japan and shop all the skincare and beauty stores! 😀

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

  12. I really want to do more travelling, even if it is just myself. On family holidays abroad, we often stay in a villa, it can be more expensive, but it is nice to have your own space.

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

  13. I too would love to stay in a villa. Ever since I indulged in Agatha Christie and read about delicious sun and cocktail filled parties with ladies in wide-brim hats, I have wanted to stand in a villa. Perhaps not to be part of the party but to imagine it is there.

    Good luck reaching your goals!

  14. Love the sense of adventure and for new experiences! For me it was sumitting Mt. Kilimanjaro and seeing Africa.

  15. I had been wanting to go to Disney for forever and my boyfriend surprised me by taking me to Orlando at the beginning of the year so Disneyland Paris has been on my bucket list ever since because I cannot wait to go back! A Disney cruise would also be so much fun! x

  16. the way you feel about your 27th is how i’m feeling about my 25th at the end of the month. something about being the same year distance to 50 & my birth is crazy to me. there are so many places i still want to travel too. I’m actually going to be flying across country in exactly a month and i can’t wait. i also would love to go on a disney cruise! looks like so much fun! xx


  17. I absolutely LOVE to travel and will prioritise it whenever I can! I am the same as you though, I don’t think I could do an overly long trip as I love my home comforts and I’m very anxious, not to mention all the medical equipment I’d have to take with me and how much my insurance would be because of that! I’ve got New York booked in November and Barcelona next March which are two huge ones on my bucket list. I know my partner really wants to visit NZ and Australia too!
    Alice Xx

  18. The Disney cruises always look like so much fun, regardless of your age! I would be lying if I said that wasn’t on my list of things I’d love to do someday

  19. I’d love to stay in a villa one day too. We’ve always stayed in a resort just because it’s easy and everything’s pretty much there for you but I’ve always heard good things about having your own villa and heading out each evening instead. You’re not on your own with freaking out about your birthday too, I’m 25 early next year and I’m already fretting about it xx

    Tiffany x

    1. I love travelling and experiencing new places! I recently went on my first villa holiday too (I went as a kid but that doesn’t count as I don’t remember it) to Croatia and it was honestly so beautiful and more peaceful too as you have completely your own space! I would do it again in a heartbeat. I would love to go to Lapland too. I’m kind of the same I feel like I would love to go travelling to say I’ve done it but realistically I just think I would be a home sick anxious mess, so I think I’ll pass and stick to summer holiday and/or city breaks! X

  20. The Grand Prix sounds amazing and definitely out of the ordinary. Also the Disney cruise sound fun. I’ve been to Disney but not a cruise. I would love to go to Rome, Paris and Greece my top three on my list. Nice read love the pink picture. Have a great week!

  21. Don’t wait my friend, procrastination is the devil. Am not quite twice your age and I cannot stress this enough, Do It! Plan it and go, even if you are nervous, take that step, it’s totally worth it! Ask me how I know?

      1. Sorry my word choice sounds like it struck a nerve, I apologize for that, not my intention. I totally get it, but make sure you make a list and mark them off as you can. 😁

  22. I freaked out on my 27th birthday too! It’s crazy how quickly it all seems to be creeping up, I really hope you get to where you want to go! You can do it!

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