AD – GIFTED | I find it extremely difficult to balance my deep hatred for owning too much clutter with my love for keepsakes and memories. Whenever I go on holiday or a day out, I’m always torn between buying something to remember the trip with or not buying any more unnecessary “stuff”.

However, I’m also a big photo-taker. I love taking photos wherever I am. I don’t believe you’re not “living in the moment” or enjoy something fully if you’re always taking photos. I want to remember the good times. I want a ton of photos to look back on year after year to reminisce on my life and my adventures with.

The good thing about photos is they don’t take up any room – especially now when everything is stored on a phone or a digital camera. But that’s also the problem – so many photos we take get saved to our phones or our laptops and just sit there doing nothing.

I used to love taking photos on a disposable camera and actually holding them in my hands. Even framing them and putting them in my room. But as someone who doesn’t like clutter, I’m not a fan of having too much on my wall or on my shelves. Look I’m a Virgo, alright?

With that being said, when I was contacted by Nixplay about reviewing their Nixplay Seed, I realised that was the answer to all my problems! All those photos on my phone gathering dust will be seen again in one handy place to avoid clutter too.

And it’s safe to say we were all pretty blown away by the Nixplay Seed. I was sent their best selling Nixplay Seed Frames and it was incredibly easy to set up with clear instructions. It’s Wi-Fi connected, so I had to connect it to our Wi-Fi and it was more or less ready to go.

In order to use the Nixplay Seed you have to download an app on your phone and that’s where you can upload images, create different albums, shuffle the photos and connect to friends who you can send images back and forth to. Again, the app is also incredibly easy to use and the whole set up process was flawless.

The screen is the perfect size to really showcase your images. The power cord also doubles as a stand because the bendy material allows you to bend it safety which stands the device up; either vertically or horizontally – whatever you choose. Now I do love something with multiple uses!

Once your device is set up and your albums have been created, it also comes with this handy little remote so you can control it from wherever you’re sitting. Perfect for if a photo accidentally comes up that you don’t want anyone else to see… *wink wink*.

6 Reasons Why the Nixplay Seed is the ideal digital frame:

1. Smart looking device which will fit into any room, with no need for an additional stand.

2. High resolution screen to display images AND videos.

3. Share and send images and videos to friends and family around the world with the app.

4. Built in Hu Motion Sensor which turns the device on and off automatically.

5. A great alternative to using photo frames (especially for people like me!)

6. A fantastic option for events, such as parties, baby showers or even funeral wakes, to display hundreds of different high resolution images for people to enjoy.

Honestly, I’d say in my 6 years of blogging, this is definitely one of my favourite things I’ve ever kindly been sent. I still pinch myself sometimes when I’m sent cool things (hello imposter syndrome!) and convince myself they emailed the wrong person. I really am so grateful to have the chance to share with you such incredible products.

And the Nixplay Seed is definitely one of them. I’m going to get a lot of use out of this in the future and if anything, it’s probably encouraged me to try and take even MORE photos during special occasions (and even the boring, everyday, mundane occasions!)

What do you think of the Nixplay Seed? Do you have anything like this at home? And where do you stand on clutter?

* Items featured in this post were sent to me in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own.


  1. I really love the look of this! We don’t tend to have any photo frames in our house (not really sure why) so this would be perfect for showcasing our photos from over the years. It’s such a useful little gadget, and would be great for brightening up basically any room!
    PS you more than deserve things like this, you’re incredible at what you do x

  2. I remember seeing something like this a long time ago and hated that it looked so bulky. This one is so much more sleek and convenient!


  3. This is such an incredible idea! The photo frames that hold pictures of my parents are literally unable to stand up anymore so I think I need to get this so I can easily see them upright! xD

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

  4. “Look, I’m a Virgo alright,” had me chuckling :’) I hate useless clutter too, but I definitely trend towards the too-many-things side because I’m awfully sentimental :’) Technology is an amazing thing, and it’s crazy how digital photo displays have evolved over the years. I remember when my uncle had one of the clunky, thick ones. It lasted for years and years and finally broke down a while ago. My Nana has a really nice one now, and it’s so lightweight & thin! Crazy haha

  5. I actually have mixed feelings about this!

    Maybe others would call it foolish but I like my framed photographs; something about having it physically makes it seem more real.

    Now, having all the digital files saved in case of loss is also a must! I like this digital frame but it kind of reminds me of the little ones I see in dentists’ offices . . .

    However, I can think of a couple friends who would love this! To each their own.

  6. To reduce clutter in your home, it helps to follow the one in, one out rule. For every item that enters your house, throw something out. We store our photos on the computer and the TV is also a computer, so I could technically do this with the TV but it would be a hassle to set up! I can see the appeal of this item – in our house however, we have simple photo frames in our bedroom which works for us.

      1. I always seem to be battling the clutter. My husband enjoys dragging things into the house and I’m always looking for ways to get rid of things. Definitely makes things more chaotic living with other people.

  7. I miss the days of dropping a film in at Boots and waiting two weeks to get the photos back.

    I’m actually not a fan of displaying photos on the wall. It feels invasive to me – I don’t want everyone that comes into my parent’s home to see a photo of me but Mom insists on having one up and I really don’t like it.

    I do love flipping through photo albums and reminiscing though – then hiding them out of the way under the bed so they don’t clutter!

  8. Love this idea! Printing out photos is so much effort when you don’t have a printer so I think I’d really appreciate something like this in the house – like you, we have so many photos!

  9. That sounds very cool.
    I remember i had a digital frame back in the days when they were a new thing and the kids were small (so ten years ago or so.. I feel old hehe) but back then they were clunky and not exactly pretty so never got any real use out of it hehe. This one looks awesome though. Might have to look into it.
    Thanks for sharing

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