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I think now more than ever, collectively as humans, we’re looking for ways to improve, increase and enhance our own physical and mental well-being. We’re bombarded with blog posts, magazine articles and YouTube videos every day around the subjects of health and wellness, so it’s not a surprise that we all want to see and feel those benefits from improved well-being.

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I’ve been on a bit of a well-being journey myself over the last few months. Particularly since last Summer, when my anxiety got really bad and I ended up on medication for the first time in my life. Since then, my own well-being has been a MUCH bigger priority than ever before. I love mixing up my routine and trying new things that might enhance my well-being!

Because the good thing is, you can always stop and try something new if it’s not working for you. You’re not stuck. You don’t need to continue with something you’re not enjoying or that’s not providing you with much benefit. And different things work for different people.

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So today, I want to share the 7 things that I think we should add into our every day lives for enhanced general well-being!

Vitamins and supplements

And extremely easy but also effective way to enhance your every day well-being and that’s by taking vitamins every day! Of course you can’t use vitamins as a substitute but as an added little boost – they’re a great way to give your physical well-being and overall health a good boost!

Vitamins and supplements come in all shapes and sizes and even better if you can cater your vitamins to suit your own needs. For example, I used to take magnesium supplements when I needed them and they definitely made me feel better. I would also take iron supplements when I used to have heavy periods before I went on the pill.

Now, I take a multi-vitamin every day and they really benefit my every day well-being. So investing in some supplements such as multivitamins, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin C, or a whole array of different vitamins that are available can be a super easy way to give your well-being a boost! You might also want to consider Custom Vitamins, as another option!

More water

Bit of an obvious one. Everyone KNOWS they need to be drinking more water. But more often than not, we don’t ACTUALLY do it. Getting yourself a water tracker, if you’re really struggling, can really help with keeping track of how much water you’re drinking (or not drinking) throughout the day!

Fresh air

The good thing about this one is that we have an endless supply of it and it doesn’t cost a damn thing! Unless you live in an underground bunker, you always have an option to get some fresh air. Open a window, sit in your garden (if it’s warm), go for a walk around the park. There’s always something you can do to give you more fresh air.

A skincare routine

I find that I feel SO MUCH more put together on the days that I’ve actually taken the time and effort to do a proper skincare routine. It’s just something about taking that time to really care for your skin, think about the products you’re putting on it and giving yourself that little bit of “me” time. Plus your skin will thank you for it!

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Yoga, meditation or light stretching

I’ve lumped all of these together under one point because I know Yoga and meditation aren’t for everyone and not everyone feels a huge benefit from them. I personally do. Not much makes me feel better than Yoga so I’d always recommend giving it a go. If not, some light stretching, particularly in the morning, to get your blood flowing is always worth doing!

Get more or better quality sleep

Much easier said than done this one but definitely something worth working on because sleep is good for EVERYTHING. We all want to have a better sleeping routine. Whether we’re not sleeping enough, sleeping too much or just aren’t getting the quality of sleep we need. Here are some ways you can improve your sleep!

You time

And finally, adding a bit of you time into your every day will definitely improve your well-being. Yoga, going for a run, having a bath or going for a massage can improve your physical well-being. Meditation, cooking, doing crafts or journaling might help with the mental side of things. Whatever it is, that you time is hella important! Even if it’s just 10 minutes.

Are you going to add any of these things into your daily routine to help you enhance your well-being? Do you already do any of these things?


  1. All very important tips. I am definitely getting better at looking after myself more lately. Vitamins, sleep and yoga are my main three at the moment.

  2. Hi Jenny! I really like this article. I’ve struggled with some health issues myself and have tried/I’m doing many of these suggestions. I’m glad you point out that we can stop doing anything that’s not working for us. I think sometimes people continue doing something because they think they should, but if they paid attention they might notice it’s not really beneficial and they’re just wasting time and energy. Also, something interesting my husband and I recently discovered is that if I don’t get the type of exercise that gets me breath g hard and my heart rate up consistently my energy levels suffer and I feel sleepy all the time. Thought I’d mention that in case anyone else struggles with exhaustion even when they eat well and get enough sleep.

    1. Yeah it’s so important to not do something just because we think we should! And that’s interesting! Definitely something worth thinking about when trying to improve your energy levels!

  3. These are all things I’ve been really trying to work on in 2020. I feel like even the smallest changes can have huge effects on your mood and attitude and so far I’ve been much more productive and optimistic when I’ve had a decent sleep, a little wander in the fresh air, and lots of water! I definitely need to think about the supplements I should be taking though, I’m sure I’m missing something haha! x

  4. Great suggestions! We have a much better outlook on life when we feel our best. Even if we are struggling with health issues, the above tips are still great. Water is so important, but I often simply forget to drink enough water. Creating a list of these activities in a planner where you see results is a good thing. For awhile, I would use different highlighter markers or pens to show in my planner what I did each day for my health…yellow marker for the days I exercised or walked. Blue marker for eating more fruits/veggies/ drinking water/ eating better. When you look at a planner, you see immediately how your time goes and if it is going where you want it to go.

  5. This is such a great list of suggestions, Jenny! These are all things I am trying to get better at, and when I do, I always notice the benefits. Drinking water is something I used to forget, but I now have one of those bottles which shows how much you should drink by certain times, it is actually works and I do drink more each day 🙂 Thank you for sharing these ideas! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

  6. I really need to sort out my water intake – it always dips when it’s cold but I’ve been drinking warm lemon water recently which is a good way of getting me to drink it. Diet is one thing that’s helped my wellbeing, and I now journal every night as well.

  7. Water is invaluable to boosting energy levels and staying refreshed. A cold glass of water always makes me open my eyes wider, and I think it is also helps sleep, since we are not dried out from the day and can go to bed in a fresh state of mind.
    I also take a daily vitamin. I am not sure if it does anything but I always like to think it does. 🙂

  8. I love that there are lots of different things you can do to make your day better. Big plus that it’s not much either. Adding some vitamins and supplements is a gamechanger when it comes to taking care of yourself. I am all about getting me-time!!! Regardless of whether we are extroverts or introverts, it is still needed. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

  9. Totally agree with you. Yoga, meditation, more water, vitamins are so important to me to look after myself more. I take several different vitamins and can feel the difference.

  10. I keep meaning to download a water tracker but never do and I don’t drink anywhere near enough as I should!

    I’m downloading it right now!! 😊

    Love Lozza

  11. Honestly, stretching changes SO much for me mood-wise! I stretch every day now whenever I can and I’ve felt the benefits of it so much. I find it’s a life-saver when I feel an anxiety attack brewing as it’s something positive and centred to focus on to calm myself down. I love these tips Jenny, it’s mad how the simplest things and a routine can uplift you so much!
    Alice Xx

  12. great tips, Jenny! I never dealt with anxiety until the last two years after going through a lot of life stuff — it sucks having it especially when it disrupts your thoughts or well being – but I agree with all your tips – especially the fresh air which I’ve truly learned the importance of in the last year – walking my dog has been crucial self care time! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this, xo B

  13. Yes to all of these! I recently found out that I’m Vitamin D deficient so that’s been something I’ve been taking, but I need to invest in a good multi-vitamin too!

  14. These are such good tips! I do a few of these all ready but I definitely need to make them more regular. I also like to take regular social media detoxes which make me feel so much better!

  15. Great tips, all fairly straightforward things to aim for too which is great. I never used to get outside for fresh air but Hugo changed that for me. I’m pretty good at most of these things other than sleep and meditation/ yoga/ stretching. I’ve never found anything like that enjoyable enough to want to stick with it, I should probably work on that though x


  16. These are great tips Jenny. I’ve been trying to add more yoga or light stretching into my daily routine this year. And drinking more water! I still haven’t got myself into a decent sleeping pattern yet though.

  17. Love these tips! I do a pretty good job at drinking water but definitely need more time out in nature and want to get started with vitamins, skincare and a stretching/yoga/meditation routine. Lots to do to help me feel better every day!

  18. I feel so much better on the days I take the time to do a proper skincare routine, and even though I recognise this, I still don’t do it most of the time 🤦‍♀️ I can always find an excuse not to find time for myself, my skin or my mental health. I really need to force myself so I can actually start feeling better!

    Beka |

  19. Such good tips. Easy things to do but things that you wouldn’t really think about if your mental health was suffering. Loved this ❤️

  20. This is such an important post!! I’m trying to implement most of these actually but I’m finding it harder than I expected. Getting fresh air at the weekend is somehow hard to schedule in. Sticking to a skin-care routine is proving far harder than I thought it would be and my sleep quality is out the window. But I’m trying for what that counts for… There are some great recommendations here – stretching in the morning sounds like a good idea.

  21. I absolutely love all the points above. I have just started drinking more water and taking good care of my skin. Thank you for sharing

  22. Funnily enough, drink more, stretch more, and skincare routine are 3 of my goals for this month! Alongside setting aside time daily to practise guitar – something I’m loving and finding extremely therapeutic at the minute. Great post!

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