contributed collaborative post // You may have friends who have literally an entire wall of vinyl records just aching to be played. If you prefer the old-school way of listening to music, then maybe it is time to start your own vinyl collection.

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There are a few steps to consider first including buying a turntable, noting down your favorite albums, locating a reliable record shop, cleaning the grooves, and arranging proper storage. Once you are ready to begin your vinyl record collection, head to   

Buy A Turntable

Unless you use the covers of vinyl records for decorative purposes, there is little point in starting a vinyl collection without buying a turntable first. The resurgence of vinyl records has gone hand in hand with a rise in turntable manufacturing. There are several turntables to choose from and they are widely available, even from the likes of Walmart and Target. If you do head to a leading store then you can imagine that their selection will be relatively generic and cost between $75 and $100.

For a more reliable and better quality turntable, head to a specialist audio stereo store for a better range. You may even be able to search online for a vintage model though this can be a risk unless you test it first. With your turntable, you should look to get a top-quality sound system too with speakers and equalizers. This should deliver the best, and more honest, sound from your records.   

Note Down Your Favorite Albums On Vinyl

You should want to play albums that you know you will enjoy when you start your vinyl collection. Check your Spotify playlists and your physical music collection for those records that you simply cannot do without.

Maybe they hold a sentimental value or perhaps you want to own every single vinyl record from your favorite solo artist or band. It may even be the case that there is an album you own and simply want the very first vintage edition of it, to have and to hold for the rest of your days. 

Locate A Reliable Record Shop

Once you have created a list of your desired vinyl records, look locally for a record shop to buy them from. Not only will you be able to carry the records home with you but you would be able to examine them too.

The best record shops can also provide you with great recommendations for albums based on your list of favorite albums. After buying a few records, you can build a rapport with the shop and even order in new releases or ask them to help you source other records at your go-to place for musical nirvana. 

Clean The Grooves

Buying your records and starting your record collection is one thing, but make sure you look after it too. That means keeping them clear of debris and dust with some regular cleaning of the grooves to keep the sound playing as intended. Try to stay away from cleaning machines and consider doing your cleaning the old-fashioned way. Look towards getting a carbon fiber brush to gently wipe away any debris from the grooves on your vinyl records, or you could use a dry cloth. 

Arrange Proper Storage

Another way to look after your vinyl collection is to invest in the right type of storage. That does not mean boxes or milk crates but you should look for some proper protection. Think of shelves and remember that the more records you have stacked, the better the shelves need to be to prevent collapse. Thankfully, there are specifically designed shelves for vinyl record collections, whether permanent or portable. 

The storage environment is also important as it should be climate-controlled, or at least not waver from hot to cold. Make sure that the records are kept away from a heater and think about investing in anti-static sleeves to prevent static electricity damage. Finally, never, ever leave your vinyl records close to a fireplace or in the trunk of your car as they may warp.  


When you start your vinyl collection, you should feel like you are embarking on an exciting journey. The first step is to buy a great turntable, perhaps one that fits with the aesthetics of its surroundings.

Next, make a note of the records you want and find a record shop that may have them or can order them in. You need to make sure that you look after your records too by arranging for proper storage and cleaning the grooves to keep them in good condition.

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