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So the other week saw in my 2 year blog birthday and despite not quite believing how quickly those two years have gone, it also got me thinking about how much has changed and how much I’ve learnt in these two short (but incredible) years since Jenny in Neverland was born into the blogosphere. So here are some things I’ve learnt since I’ve started blogging.

1) You will be jealous of other blogs and bloggers.

Over the two years, I’ve changed themes, altered my blog, made graphics then scrapped those graphics and changed my style of writing and blogging. But there will always be blogs that I will envy till I’m blue in the face for a number of reasons. Blogging isn’t a competition but I don’t think the pang of jealously every now and again for a prettier blog or that blogger who bagged that review copy you really wanted will ever go but that’s okay! As long as jealousy doesn’t fuel your blogging life then it’s all gravy baby.

2) It takes up more time that I originally anticipated.

I wasn’t as serious about my blog when I first started to what I am now; however, never in a million years did I expect it would take up as much time as it does. From reading to writing posts to making graphics and taking photos and juggling everything with every day life. Thankfully I’ve managed to bind blogging in to fit in with my life which is something that took a lot of time and will probably continue to change as my life changes (I wrote a blog post about How Much Work Goes Into Reviewing which ties in with this point).

3) You will not gain hundreds of followers over-night.

It’s very easy to be naïve about this, especially with the likes of Zoella and other famous bloggers and YouTubers in the spotlight 24/7. However, after realising that there are hundreds of other book bloggers out there, 99% of which had been blogging for much longer than I had, I stopped fretting so much. Now instead of trying to compete with everyone else, I try and compete with myself and make my blog the best it can possibly be in terms of quality in order to gain genuine followers who enjoy my blog.

4) You will not get along with everyone you meet.

The blogging community, like school and work, is full to the brim of different types of people and just like in every day life, you will not get along with all of them. But that’s okay and it’s not crucial you do. Over the two years I’ve realised this because despite having the love of books in common, there’s much much more to a person than their book tastes and their “much more” part might clash with yours.

5) You have to put your life first.

Blogging is hard work for many and for me, last year, it became too much and I was forced to go on a 6 month blogging break because I was just overwhelmed with the pressure of it all. Despite how much you love your blog, you need to put you and your life first in order to have a healthy mix. Your blog will still be there waiting for you when you get back.

6) You have to give some to get some.

The blogging world won’t come you to, you have to go to it. Or that’s what I’ve found anyway. I’ve learnt that you need to put yourself out there, really put yourself out there and follow that blog or leave that comment or email that publisher in order to gain opportunities and followers and friends you never thought you’d get. I’ve never had a problem asking for things, I figure if you don’t ask you don’t get and this applies to blogging too!

7) Passion is noticeable.

At a certain point in my blogging life, I was all about quantity. I wanted a post up every day and ended up writing rubbish for the sake of having a post go up on time. My heart wasn’t in it at all and it dragged me down and I honestly think my readers could tell. Lately, I’ve been much more about quality – not posting as much to spend more time on the posts I do write, taking more time over my posts and reviews and taking photos. Over the course of the two years, I’ve realised that readers know when you put your heart into something – it’s palpable.

Two years, on the grand scheme of things, is a very short space of time. Although it feels like I’ve been blogging forever, I know I’ve only scratched the surface and despite having come a long way from when I started, I definitely have a lot more to learn and expect I will learn over the next two years, four years or 6 years of blogging.

If you’re a blogger, what have you learnt since you started? Do any of these apply to you? I’d love to hear your answers!


  1. I started to blog few years ago then realized it’s not so good as I wish, deleted it and one month ago I started to blog again! You right quality goes first and also interacting with others is important 👌😊

  2. Reading through this I found myself thinking – “relatable.. relatable.. relatable.. relatable..” and so on. Great post and I cannot agree any more with the fact it takes up more time than you first thought. Sometimes I feel like I’m working a full time job outside my actual full time job lol

  3. Great post! I just started blogging last month so still very new to all this, but it does take time! I write my post fairly quickly (once I’ve decided what I want to write about), but the graphics, pics, editing, etc take so much more longer than I anticipate!

  4. Just got round to reading this post and you made some very interesting points; especially the point about not getting along with everybody. When I first started my book blogging (just under a year a go) another blogger became very sycophantic very quickly. She tweeted that she was reading a book that I had already read and I tweeted that I hoped that she enjoyed it and to keep some tissues handy because it is a doozy and oh man she went postal and then removed me as a friend. I realised at that point that it was the sort of drama I didn’t need and maybe her reaction was for the best.

    Anyway, just wanted to say good post 🙂 x

    1. Hi Lisa! Ugh, I’m sorry about what happened with that blogger but there are DEFINITELY people like that in the community and I’ve had VERY similar experiences with a blogger in my time with my blog too. Who has followed, unfollowed, followed, unfollowed and just been a general nightmare but you just gotta ignore them and focus on the good people and opportunities 🙂 There are MANY more lovely people in the blogging community than nasty ones! Thank you for reading, so glad you liked it! <3 xxx

      1. Exactly, that is what this girl did. Apparently she is known for it. I felt like screaming “I left high school 15 years ago. I’m too old for this boohockey!” Although apparently not old enough to stop using the word “boohockey” 🙂 hope you are having a lovely bank holiday weekend! x x

      2. I am 99% sure we’re talking about the same person haha! And if that’s the case you really needn’t worry – she’s done this to SO many people! Boohockey is an awesome word haha! You too 🙂 xx

      3. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. Ah well as the great Taylor Swift sang – Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate x x

  5. Great post and I believe you nailed it! People have to look at Social Media Platforms as a distribution outlet and research the strength and weaknesses of each. I personally believe FB is a great place to share with people you know, but if people are not engaged with you or your content most people won’t see it in their feed. My suggestion is to join communities of interest and build a new following.

  6. Love this blog post. So true 🙂 love the pretty photo too! Always love the photos on your blog. I have tagged you in my latest blog post with the chocolate book tag, hope you enjoy putting your post together as much as I did 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! That’s a lovely thing to hear (: I saw your Chocolate Book Tag post! I’ve actually done one of those before (which you can find here: https://jennyinneverland.wordpress.com/2014/03/18/chocolate-book-tag/ if you’re interested!) I agree – it was a LOT of fun to do (: And a bit different to normal tags! I might do it again, if I do, I’ll be sure to tag you in the post as I’ve obviously read a lot more books since I did the last one! xx

  7. This is an awesome post. My blog is a little over six months old, and yep, there’re a lot of things to be learned still. Lol, I know a LOT of pretty blogs that cause me envy, but I’m also grateful because the’ve taught me a lot.

    Also, lol, and I’m actually guilty of the opposite of thinking followers come easily. Sometimes I still feel I’m talking to myself XD but then someone says hi and that definitely makes my day.

    1. Thank you! Oh God, there is ALWAYS sometime new to be learnt isn’t there? Haha ah I think that’s a good way to think about it, that you know followers don’t come over night – it doesn’t give you a tainted view of what blogging really is. If you expect the masses to come in such a short space of time, I’ve learnt that you’ll just be extremely disappointed when they don’t! Thanks for your comment! xxx

  8. I LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!!! you sound like the perfect person to help me with my blog. I’m a newbie 🙂 i would really appreciate a little help with some tips and tricks like how to make my page look more attractive.. what are graphics?

  9. This is probably one of the best lists I’ve seen on lessons learned from blogging. Great reflection for new bloggers and old bloggers alike. Well done. 🙂

  10. Great post, Jenny! I’ve only been blogging for 9 months (ish) and I completely agree with all that you’ve said. I love your blog; keep up the fab work! xx

  11. Great post Jenny, I totally agree with you about the time it takes. I could easily let blogging take over. I just need to fit in it with my life and enjoy the time I get with it.
    Amanda. x

    1. Thank you Amanda! I’ve definitely let blogging take over sometimes; you need to find a healthy balance because blogging will always be there when you need it – other things might not! I’m like you – I need to fit it in with my life, enjoy it but then when I’m away from it, stop thinking about it! Thanks for your comment! (: xxx

  12. I love this post Jenny! You have perfectly described my experience of blogging. I love blogging but I never realised how time consuming it would be. Also, whilst I’m not jealous of other bloggers blogs as they’re so individual to each blogger, I can see that it is hard not to be envious of those who seem to be naturally more popular, who’s reviews get more retweet, who get ARC copies when you don’t etc… I think it’s important to remind yourself not to take it personally and to focus on your own work and achievements rather than envying others 😊

    1. Thanks lovely! I’m so glad you like it! (: Ooh I definitely get you with the envious thing! Other bloggers pretty layouts in particular – I’m a sucker for a cute layout and am always lusting after other people’s haha! Review copies as well I totally agree with! But you’re absolutely right, it is SO important to focus on yourself and your own blog! Thanks for your comment! (: xxx

  13. You always come up with such thoughtful discussion posts! I was just telling my OH how jealous I was of your creativity-and then I read number 1 on your list! I agree with all of these. I know that life sometimes gets in the way of blogging but that can’t be helped so I don’t put the pressure on myself x

    1. Ohh that’s so sweet haha! Thank you so much, that put a huge smile on my face! I’m really glad you like my posts (: I was going to say don’t be jealous but then I’d be going against what I wrote in point 1 hahah! Life can definitely get in the way and it’s great you don’t put too much pressure on yourself – it’s a healthy mix between blogging and everything else! It’s so easy to get over-whelmed too. Thanks for your comment lovely! xo

  14. have been blogging for years ( loads of us were on window live spaces) sadly we had to go on facebook and our old blogs were put onto wordpress.. give it a couple of years and this wordpress is doing mush better i need to do some work to meet others but its good love your post

  15. I’m with you on the time it takes. I like that each book blogger has their own style both in terms of content, length of reviews and overall look. I think the best point is about numbers of followers , I really value the small handful who visit regularly and comment – a value I didn’t

      1. I totally understand where you’re coming from there – I think we can get really caught up in followers and numbers and although it’s nice to have a large following, it’s easy to forget that it doesn’t happen over night and it takes a lot of hard work a patience to get there! I absolutely adore my followers and regular readers too – I want to squish you all!

  16. Our blog is nearly two years old too, time flies when you’re enjoying yourself. Never thought I would ever be able to relax enough to enjoy it as much as I do! You worry so much in the beginning… is it good enough…am I good enough…it ties you in knots.

    1. Oh it does fly! And same here, really! I never thought I’d enjoy it as much as I do now either. You worry about so much as you go along but I think most bloggers will reach a point where they’re comfortable with their blogs, their followers etc. and that’s when you can totally relax! Thanks for your comment (:

  17. I am less than two weeks old to the blogging world and this post is like the Bible to me ! Thanks for sharing your experience. Will try to take as much as possible from it in due course 🙂

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