Last month, I worked with Italian clothing brand, Librastyle to review their new t-shirt range. As you’ve probably noticed, I don’t feature an awful lot of clothes on my blog but I’m always open to trying something new and after having a look at their styles, I knew they were someone I was keen to work with.

new new

They were kind enough to send me two t-shirts from their new collection, one for me and one for my boyfriend so we could review both the male and female tops. I chose a crop top, which I tend to wear quite a lot with a really cute moon print on it. I loved the pastel colours which, again I like to wear. My boyfriend chose a white optical illusion print t-shirt – he never, ever wears white so this was quite a surprise!

Librastyle Women's Crop Top

Librastyle Male's T-shirt

We were a little worried about how the male’s sizes would come up – being an Italian brand, it was likely they could differ from UK sizes and Carl doesn’t fit into anything bigger than small because he’s so slim and had the top been too big, it would have swamped him but thankfully, despite looking bigger off than on, the t-shirt fit perfectly.

T-Shirt 1

t-shirt 2

Carl never, ever wears white but he really liked this t-shirt. It was comfortable and fit perfectly and being a magician, the optical illusion print really stood out for him. If I can put my 2 pence in here, I also think it looks very nice on him hehe.

t-shirt 3

I absolutely loved my top from the second I opened it. The print is perfect and exactly the sort of thing I would have chosen if I was in a shop. Like I said, I love crop tops and wear quite a lot of them so the crop was a great choice for me and it fit absolutely perfectly. I chose to wear it with a tight fitting black mini skirt, black tights, maroon ankle socks and brogue heels – with a black blazer over the top when needed but it is a diverse top and could be worn with literally anything!

my tshirt edit 1

tshirt edit 2

tshirt edit 3

Librastyle are giving away 1 free shirt to a lucky winner so to be in with a chance of winning a t-shirt of your choice, enter the giveaway here! Good luck! 

A very big thank you to the team at Librastyle for a professional service and for being fantastic to work with. If you like bold prints and something a little different, I’d definitely recommend checking them out!

I was sent these products to review but that doesn't affect my opinion and all views stated here are my own (and my boyfriend's in this case).


  1. Great giveaway, I really like white t shirts with a design, especially something a bit different. I think the white is nice and fresh. The two of you look really cute.

  2. I had to grow into liking white t-shirts as well but I realized they make me look a lot more friendly.

  3. You both look great in thes tshirts. I have to admit I don’t wear white often but mainly because I’m clumsy.

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