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Milk, Two Sugars & a Brownie, Please! Ft. Twinnies Bake

This post contains gifted items

I’m a food fiend. I think about food alllll the time. I’m planning what I’m having for dinner during breakfast and dreaming of breakfast during dinner. So for me, the best thing you can be sent through the post as a blogger, is food. And who would say no to a delivery of brownies?!

Which is exactly what I got when the folks at Twinnies Bake contacted me and asked if I’d like to review their brand new brownie postal service. Like, what sort of question is that? As if I’d say no to brownies. They were sent first class and arrived in perfect condition the following day.

Twinnies Bake are a home baking business, based in Ramsgate, Kent. Twins Della and Maria launched the business over a year ago, with their famous triple chocolate brownies but have since added new additions such as cupcakes, cookies, celebration cakes and now… their brownie postal service. Which can be posted anywhere in the UK!

The brownie postal service contains 6 scrummy brownies of different flavours and toppings. Mine included: 1 chocolate orange brownie, 2 Oreo brownies, 1 Kinder Bueno brownie, 1 triple chocolate brownie with Galaxy Caramel and 1 triple chocolate brownie with Crunchie.

Our 6 brownies literally lasted a day and a half. I had two, my boyfriend had two and my Dad had two. And the reactions were a resounding array of “mmmmmm!” sounds. Really, they were outstanding.

The brownies themselves are clearly super high quality and perfectly made. Della and Maria clearly know what they’re doing. They were the perfect brownie consistency, the brownie itself was melt-in-your-mouth yummy. And I love the different array of toppings and chocolaty flavours they used on top and within the brownies!

Clearly they were an absolute delight to take photos of too!

Of the two that I had, I preferred the Oreo brownie. Which surprised me because if I was in a shop, I’d never buy myself Oreo’s. It had big chunks of white chocolate within the brownie and drizzled with (I assume) white chocolate on top. It was just beautiful with a cup of tea.

The Kinder Bueno was the other one I tried and although I preferred the Oreo one more, this one was still absolutely fantastic. How they got Kinder Bueno chunks IN the brownie itself without them being obliterated during baking, I’ll never know. My Dad and boyfriend had absolutely nothing bad to say about theirs either.

It’s really hard to review something that’s JUST SO GOOD. I’ve been sent a few food items to review on my blog before but these are without a doubt the yummiest. Twinnies Bake products can be ordered through email or on their social media accounts – which can be found on the image of their business card!

For anyone that has a sweet tooth and likes a chocolaty treat, you HAVE to get your hands on some of these. The brownie postal service is incredibly affordable too, at just ยฃ12 a box including ยฃ3 for postage. Which one would you like to try the most?


  1. omg these look amazing!!! I love the sound of the Oreo brownie, I haven’t had a brownie in so long.. I think I might have to have one this weekend now hehe. But these would make a lovely gift.

    Chloe xx

    1. The Oreo one was my FAVE! x

  2. Again, YOUR PHOTOS! So, so beautiful. I need tips!
    Also these look unreal, I neeeed them. How have they managed to get all my favourite chocolate options in your delivery? Honestly, every single one sounds amazing! I need them in my life immediately – I don’t think I could make them last a day and a half though!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    1. Awh thank you!

  3. Boss Babe Chronicles says:

    These look SO good! I love brownies, so these are right up my street!

  4. They look soooo good. Gorgeous photos too Jenny! x


    1. Thank you! x

  5. Omg these look amazing!!

    1. They sure were x

  6. Cakes and sweets and brownies through the post? My idea of heaven. It’s like a treat to Future You when it arrives.
    Cora |

    1. Oh my god it totally is haha!

  7. These look utterly amazing! I know what I’m going to be sending my brother in the mail for his birthday this year!

    1. Hope he loves them! x

  8. These look and sound amazing! They’d make a lovely gift for someone.

    1. They sure would x

  9. I’m an absolute brownie fiend so these are right up my street! They all look absolutely delicious and I love your photos! xx

    Tiffany x

    1. Haha thank you! x

  10. These look AMAZING. I especially love the sound of the Oreo one ๐Ÿ˜ may have to treat myself!

    1. The Oreo one was my favourite!x

  11. Those look delicious, and they’re aesthetically pleasing, which makes it even better!

    1. They really are! Totally Insta worthy x

      1. Definitely!

  12. Kayleigh Zara says:

    Since seeing your Instagram post on these brownies, I’ve been absolutely dying to read this post. The Kinder browner looks next level amazing, like complete food porn. Thanks for sharing!

    Kayleigh Zara |

    1. It was ultimate food porn! x

  13. These photos make my mouth water. I live in Canada where shipping is ridiculously expensive. โ˜น

    1. Ah that’s such a shame!

  14. Ugh!!! You are making me hungry.

  15. Brownies in the post?! Sign me up! I need all these brownies in my life! *drool*

    1. Right! It works out at like ยฃ2 a brownie too! x

  16. This made my mouth water…and made me upset that I live all the way over in Canada!

    1. Awh I’m sorry! x

  17. These look amazing! Kinder Bueno sounds right up my street! ๐Ÿคฉ

    1. It was sooo good! x

  18. Ugh this made me drool! I LOVE brownies. Might make some this evening now haha. Becca x

    1. Haha go for it! x

  19. I have seen them on Twitter a lot. But my goodness, I did not know they looked like that and did a range like that! Wow! The chocolate brownie with crunchie and the chocolate orange one sounds so yummy. What an affordable service! I love the photos Jenny! Thank you for sharing xx

    1. It works out ยฃ2 a brownie, which is brilliant! x

      1. Itโ€™s so good!! Just makes me want to eat them all haha xx

  20. These brownies look amazing x

    1. They were outstanding x

  21. they all sound amazing! i reckon i would love them all. such a great postal service & a great price too!

    tabitha โ™ฅ

    1. It’s an amazing price, I agree! ยฃ2 a brownie it works out! x

  22. Wonderful pictures, plus yummy!

    1. Thank you! x

  23. Brownies in the post?! NEEDDDDDDDDD NOW!

    1. Right! Dream come true! x

  24. These look so yummy! Definitely make a nice treat for yourself or to send to someone. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Sarah ๐ŸŒบ || Boxnip || Latest Post

    1. They really would make a lovely gift x

  25. Oh my god these sound incredible! A Kinder Bueno brownie sounds like the most perfect thing in existence. Not bad for the price either as they’re good portions and so pretty to look at!

    1. They’re a REALLY hefty brownie so the price is amazing! x

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