So you’ve started a blog and now you’re wondering why a) nobody is reading it, b) nobody is commenting on it or c) why you haven’t turned into Zoe Sugg over night. That last one was a joke but I’m deadly serious about the first two. When we start blogging, we’re so eager to just GET OUR CONTENT OUT THERE that we don’t give too much thought on the things to do BEFORE publishing a blog post.

Things to do before publishing a blog post

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With millions of pieces of content out there in the big wide blogging world, it’s hard enough to get yours to stand out. It’s even harder if you don’t take all these little, annoying, things into account and fine tune your content before to hit that big tempting PUBLISH button.

You want your content to be as close to perfect as possible, of course, for all the reasons. More views, more followers, more potential for brand collaborations – the list goes on!

So before you hastily hit publish on your next post, here are some things to do before publishing a blog post:

Disclose if necessary

Probably one of the most important things to do before publishing a blog post right now is ensuring everything is disclosed correctly. That means if any money has changed hands, if any products have been gifted or if any of your links are affiliate links. Not breaking the law is cool, yo! And you can find out more information about this here.

Write a catchy, click-able title & SEO friendly title

We’ll get on to SEO in a minute but later on this year I have a WHOLE POST about writing catchy blog post titles that I’m really excited to share because this is a BIG ONE in how your content is viewed and clicked on. Or, sometimes, not clicked on. The title really can have a huge impact so take a few extra minutes to think about whether YOU would click on your title if you saw it on your feed.

SEO optimize your blog post

Yeah, I know, boring, boring. But important. Not ALL blog posts have to be SEO optimized. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they do. Some topics just aren’t made for SEO and won’t get much, if any, benefit from it. But a lot do: recipes, how to’s, blogging tips, self care advice – all that good stuff. So where you can, SEO optimize your post before you hit publish. The Yoast plug-in is my favourite for this! For additional help, you can use this on-page SEO checklist.

Categorize your blog post

I find it so much easier to navigate a blog when everything is categorized, “books, food, music, beauty” etc. If you’ve had a look at my menu up top, you’ll see that my blog is categorized into all my most talked about topics. I like to make sure all my topics are grouped together for the sake of readers, which I think is the case for most blogs now but if you haven’t categorized your blog posts yet, pop that on your to-do list!

Link back to your old posts where you can

This is great for SEO and recommended for you to do when you use the Yoast plug-in but I think I did this way before I even knew what SEO stood for! Linking through to relevant content is not only great for SEO but helps readers stay on your blog for longer – which is great for your bounce rate!

Create pins for your blog post

Pinterest is everything right now for blog traffic, so creating pins for your blog content is definitely something you need to be doing before you publish a blog post. If you’re as baffled by Pinterest as I used to be, I’d highly recommend the Pinterest With Ell course (aff) – it totally helped me understand how Pinterest works as a search engine and how too get blog traffic from it.


This is where I definitely need to take my own advice! I’m fully aware that there are usually a number of typos in my posts; not necessarily spelling mistakes because I’m a fairly good speller but but silly, dumb-ass, typos which are from my own carelessness. It doesn’t hurt to re-read your own post once or twice to ensure there aren’t any.

Preview beforehand

The preview option is a great tool because it helps you ensure that everything is where it should be. You know on Microsoft word when you move a photo like 1 mm to the left and the whole damn page changes? Well I like to preview my posts before I publish them to make sure I haven’t done anything silly and made all my photos turn upside down or something.

Do you have anything to add here? What else do you make sure you do before you hit “publish” or “schedule” on a blog post? Let me know!


  1. Super helpful tips, thanks. I really need to read up on some of the topics that you mentioned so the additional links you provided are great.

  2. This blog post is everything! It is so important that we consider different factors before we publish, so that we don’t need to make changes after the fact. I need to do a better job at using Pinterest for my posts! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

  3. So apparently I’ve already liked this, which means I’m assuming there is a comment in amongst the other almost 100…but as I’ve just been reading it again, I’m commenting again! I hate thinking of blog titles so probably need to change up mine more than I do I just get stuck. I did recently just do a massive categorising session for reviews (it took a while) and I’m starting to get better at including pins. So…now just to tackle the rest of the list! Great post!

  4. Great advice! I’ve certainly taken these to heart compared to my first few months as a newbie in blogging – checking, double-checking and re-checking before you publish is the BEST thing you can do to make sure everything’s fine and sorted. Thanks for making it so clear and simplified! 😀

  5. thanks for the great advice. I’m new to blogging but thought it would be a great way to get my poetry/photography/artistry out there. Definitely will look into taking your sound advice. If you may, check out my blog for some of my writings and poetry; give feedback if you like and share with friends. It’s highly appreciated.

  6. This is some great advice! I didn’t proofread a lot of my earlier posts so I’m going through and rewriting any and updating the photos if needed.

  7. What a fabulous post … I’m still unsure how to abbreviate the title.. you said something about below the title box. Does this work if you post mostly on a phone rather than computer?! x

      1. I’ve just had a look and I’m not sure if you can do it via the app. If you use the Internet on your phone though and switch to desktop view then you’ll be able to 🙂 xxx

  8. I loved this pot! Proofreading is very important for me, because if i cannot read my own writing, I can’t expect other people too. Great post!

  9. This is some great advice – I am definitely guilty of missing a few of these before I hit publish.

  10. Very lovely post, Jenny!
    I’ve seen many blog posts with one headline and a different link, and have always wondered how they managed to do it. Now I know it’s that permalink feature.

  11. I hope you don’t mind, but I just wrote these headers on a post-it note and put it on my desk so I can remember to do these. I always forget to link to other posts which is bad! And previewing your post is so crucial – I need to double check it’ll look alright!
    Beth x

  12. These are great. I write my posts (I have about a month’s worth ready to go). I’m new to this so I’m still learning the ropes. I frequently revisit my queue to see what’s coming up and I re-edit, make sure the pics are not obnoxiously large, and review my settings (the date it’s going live, tags, etc). I tend to get on tangents, like right now I have six for sleep and I want to release them all on Wednesdays so I just reschedule and fit them in (which is why I like writing so far ahead and just queuing them). I also pay attention to what’s going on in the news or in life and may release some or hold some ’til later. I’m still trying to figure out where to find readers or how to get bigger fish to pay attention. I guess that comes with time?

  13. Wha-? *facepalm* How have I never even thought of changing the url before reading this? It’s so simple and makes so much sense, and yet it’s never even crossed my mind. What a muppet! What would I do without your constant tips, I have no idea! Loved this!

  14. Very good post! With great advice- it is a science this blogging: content, audience, how, why? Linking to other social media such as twitter and Pinterest- I could easily make this my full time job!

      1. Yes that I can understand- I mean with the time that you can/ should spend on your blog to make sure it looks great! I’m learning that every job is full of uncertainty… we just have be positive and believe in ourselves and keep going…😌🙏🏻

  15. Great post! Some of it I knew and some of it I had never really thought of before. I’m glad you decided to do a few more posts for bloggers, it’s always interesting and useful to get tips from other bloggers, especially ones who are more established and have been doing it much longer. And now I’m going to go back and make sure all of my posts fit these as much as they can. Thanks for sharing!

  16. You see I know about all of these and still fail to do it lol I’m gonna print out a checklist and use it until it becomes habit I guess. Thank you for writing this!

  17. So much helpful advice here Jenny! Sometimes I go a bit crazy on the tags and think I need to calm it down, 25 sounds like a sensible amount. Also proof reading is a great tip. I sometimes get Shaun to read my posts and he often spots a couple of silly errors that I didn’t see. Thanks for sharing your suggestions 💖 xx

    Bexa |

    1. I think search engines don’t like a lot of tags because they consider it spam so you don’t want them marking your post down for that reason when you’re certainly not spam haha 🙂 x

  18. This was so helpful! I’m always nervous before I press publish (I check the preview constantly) and for a new blogger this is really clear. Just followed!

    Sophie xx

  19. Blogger can be a nightmare to work with! Whenever I preview my posts they look fine and them I read them after they’re published and boom, the photo has moved to the right… It’s infuriating. Thank you for sharing your tips. I’m so terrible at proof reading. I tend to type and go… (hence all the mistake I later come across. Oops).

    Louisa |

  20. Some great tips! The only thing I would say is that I’ve been advised to use a maximum of 15 tags on WordPress in order to show up higher on the reader algorithm, otherwise it thinks it’s spam. I did look into this in the wordpress how-tos and it is written somewhere, but for the life of me I can’t remember where!

    1. I’ve always used between 15-25 or so and it’s seemed to work. I just think any more than 25 and it’s a bit much! Everywhere I’ve read says 25 so I’m not sure whether that means other platforms or what but I think general rule of thumb is just not TOO many 😂

  21. That is pretty much everything I do before hitting publish. Linking to other internal posts is one I’ve just started to do.

  22. I love that this is such a basic checklist. Most like these that i see are all like “check SEO using your fDHFAKLH plugin. And don’t forget to add all your affiliate links! Oh, and plug this freebie you totally should have made and and and”, and it’s just exhausting XD But even after nearly 10 years blogging, I still forget to do some of the simplest things- though I’d like to add “make sure you’ve added all your images in the right spots (and the right sizes / resolutions) and add a post header image” for those who use images in their posts, lol.

    1. Oh my god DON’T I can’t stand those type of posts with all that complicated jargon. Those bloggers assume everyone else knows as much as they do when it comes to the technical side of blogging. I always try and keep mine super simple 🙂 So glad you thought so! xxx

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