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Yogurt is a great versatile food and can be a brilliant alternative if you’re trying to cut down on chocolate or other sugary snacks. There are so many things you can do with it, dishes you can include it in and ways you can eat it. But of course, with most supermarket bought products, we can never really know whether the claims on the packaging are actually going to benefit us.

Probio7 Life Yogurt Making Kit

I’m sure you’re familiar with how “no sugar” products are often filled with additional ingredients to keep the taste. It begs to differ whether it’s ACTUALLY any better for you. Yes, it might lack sugar but now it contains a lot of artificial ingredients that most of us regular people won’t be familiar with.

So making things from home with fresher ingredients is ALWAYS a good thing to try. Even if it’s starting small and starting with one specific food. Yogurt is something you CAN make from home and like I said, with it being such a versatile food which can be used in a variety of different ways, it might be something to consider making home in the future instead of buying shop-bought.

Introducing the Probio7 Life Yogurt Making Kit:

Which is where today’s great product and brand come in! I was sent the Probio7 Life Yogurt Making Kit to test and try out at home; I’ve never made my own yogurt before but I LOVE yogurt, so I was interested to see how this was going to go, how easy the process was going to be and of course, the final taste at the end!

In the kit you receive:

  • 1x yogurt making machine
  • 8x 125ml ceramic pots
  • 2x 250ml ceramic pots
  • 1x Greek strainer
  • 1x recipe booklet

The yogurt maker itself is smaller than what I was expecting, which is good because we have a lot of appliances in our kitchen so there’s not an awful lot of a room left for anything else. The kit retails for £80 and customers can get monthly refills as one-off purchases or sign up to Probio7’s subscription service.

Probio7 Life Yogurt Making Kit

Probio7 Life Yogurt Making Kit

What are the benefits of using the Probio7 Life Yogurt Making Kit?

“Consuming fermented foods on a regular basis has been shown to support good gut health. One of the ways to do this is to consume live yogurt.

However, with store-bought yogurts, there’s no guarantee that the bacteria are alive, at a therapeutic dosage, or whether the strains are beneficial for health.

This is why we created Probio7 Life yogurt.”

Probio7 are experts in gut health, so obviously with that in mind you know you’re going to get a ton of great gut-health benefits from using this yogurt machine and the accompanying bacteria sachets.

The kit is designed to deliver 6 billion friendly bacteria from 3 well-researched strains, selected specifically to support your gut health. Using the machine, each morning you can give your gut what it needs and unlike store-bought yogurts and bacteria starter mixes, you know exactly what you are getting.

How did we get on with the yogurt maker?

So my Mum and I tried the maker out together and for the most part it was pretty straight-forward. In the initial kit, you get everything you’ll need to make your first batch of yogurt. We were thinking about infusing it with strawberries and making strawberry yogurt but decided to just make regular, until we got the hang of it.

I will admit, the instructions in the manual that comes with the kit seemed to make the process of setting everything up harder than it needed to be. I watched a video online at the same time and it was SO easy compared to all the steps we had to take from the manual. I understand they want to be thorough but I feel like for ease, the instructions could have been simpler.

Another minor issue we had was with the buttons on the maker itself. Once the milk was placed in our ceramic pots and put into the maker, you have to select the yogurt making function on the maker. The “confirm/cancel” button was a little hard to push, so I wasn’t sure whether I’d actually confirmed it or not and we just ended up whacking buttons for a few minutes because we weren’t sure if it was working.

Luckily it was and the maker takes 8 hours to turn the milk into yogurt. Once done, you can place the ceramic pots straight in the fridge and eat as and when you want from there.

The yogurt is super thick and smooth. The milk that you’re given to use initially is incredibly creamy but as it’s plain yogurt there’s not much additional taste from that. But that’s where the versatility with a product like this comes in handy because you can add additional tastes to make it even better!

My first try with the yogurt was what is pictured above. I added some strawberries, a handful of granola and some honey and it was absolutely DELICIOUS. All the flavours complimented each other so well; the creaminess of the yogurt, the sweetness of the honey, the crunchiness of the granola and the tang of the strawberries. This would make a great breakfast or snack!

5 yummy ways to eat your Probio7 yogurt:

Although there is a really handy recipe book with the kit, I wanted to share a few different ways that I would personally use the yogurt made from the Probio7 Life Yogurt Making Kit myself:

Top with delicious fruit

Like what I did in the images above, topping with fruit is a SUPER EASY, nutritious and yummy way to eat this yogurt. You could literally throw any fruit on top and it would be gorgeous. My favourites are strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries!

Add honey and granola 

A popular breakfast option in places like Greece, yogurt, honey and granola is a super yummy, sweet and refreshing dish to start the day. Of course you could mix fruit in as well but the base ingredients are just as nice. Pair with a iced tea!

Infuse with fruit during the process

I was told 150g fruit to 500ml of yogurt, if you wanted to make a flavored yogurt in the Probio7 Life Yogurt Making Kit. I’d love to try this next time but this would definitely be a go-to. I love flavored yogurts.

Mix with herbs and mint and make a dip

I like spicy food but I also love having that additional condiment which can help cool it down slightly. Any sort of sour cream or mint dip is great for this so this yogurt could be a great option for the side of chilli or a spicy burrito!

Mix with melted chocolate and make a dip

This would be a GREAT option if you’re entertaining and wanted to make a stand-out dessert option. Melt some chocolate and mix in with the yogurt. Add chocolate chips or anything else you’d like and you’ve got the perfect dip for strawberries!

I’ve been impressed with this kit. I love the ease of it (once you understand how to use it!) and the fact that once it’s in the machine, that’s it. You just have to leave it for 8 hours then it can be transferred directly into the fridge. There are so many different ways you can use the yogurt you make AND you can substitute the milk they use for a milk of your choice – even plant based.

I’m looking forward to continuing to try more recipes with this! Have you ever tried a yogurt maker before? Are you a fan of yogurt? Which of the above options would you go for?

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  1. I didn’t know you could do something like this from home, that’s so cool! Sounds like it would make a great gift too. Thanks for sharing your review!

  2. I love yogurt, it’s my every day snack and I eat it with different fruit and sometimes a little of chocolate haha. But I agree it’s better than eating chocolates. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Ooo this sounds really interesting. I’ve never heard of these before but I’m defo going to look into them! I love yoghurt so this is right up my street. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Xo

    Elle –

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