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Self care goals for 2018

Self care is something I’ve really tried to embrace and focus on more in 2017. I truly believe that we need to look after ourselves and treat ourselves with the same level of love, care and respect as you would your partner, parents, pet, house plant – whoever. Of course that’s easier said than done and I’m certainly not the only one who repeatedly punishes themselves when they feel shit or have had a bad day by not eating, sleeping too much, not washing or speaking to anyone. These behaviours are damaging – there’s no two ways about it and we need to try harder to embrace positive actions when we feel bad, rather than negative ones. 

So one of my goals for next year is to continue my self-care focus and try and adopt it even more thoroughly and regularly into my life. There’s no excuse not to, really and I think this year has been a good baseline for me to be able to have a good go of it next year. Imagine we have to actually plan to take care of ourselves… what a notion.

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Sigh, how many times have we said this to ourselves? You’ll know by now that books are my one true love. This blog started as a book blog and my entire online business revolves around books and promoting boosk. So you could say.. I love books. But personally, I don’t use books for self-care any more and I neglect them when I’m having a bad time rather than embracing them, which is what I should be doing. Books are there to help you, be your friend when you don’t have anyone and support you when you’re going through shit. That’s what I’m intending to use them for next year and read more.

Do more yoga

2017 was the year of yoga for me. I love it and I’ve been practicing it a lot and regularly. Of course I’m nowhere near where I want to be with it at the moment – that can take years of practice but I want to continue to practice yoga, regularly and slowly up y workouts; the length and intensity and hopefully in the process get more flexible and have a clearer head and better wellbeing for it!

Do more of what makes me happy in general

I suppose reading more books and doing more yoga can come under this umbrella too but I definitely need to start doing more of what makes me happy. Nobody else, just me. I think I’ve embraced this a bit more at the end of 2017 because I’ve been blogging a lot. I’ve been really motivated and inspired with blog post ideas and I’ve been working super hard on them so clearly blogging makes me very happy, so let’s do more of that next year shall we!

Take better care of myself

And by this I mean really fucking simple things like eating better, moisturizing my skin, buying a new toothbrush regularly – like the fucking basics man. Because they make a difference and I used to spend so much time and care on myself when I was in my late teens. Looking back, you could consider it vain but thinking about it now, I just really wanted to feel my best and I’d like to adopt that 18 year old mind set back next year.

Remember to really appreciate things and be grateful

I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal for the past year; just as a little something I wanted to try and keep up, which I did, but I don’t think that’s doing much for me anymore so I need to find other ways to sow gratitude and appreciate things in my life. Even if it’s not a physical thing you can see. Appreciate the little things people!

Go for regular massages

I love going for massages and the woman that does them. she’s really lovely and I always have an amazing session and feel relaxed and rejuvenated. I’m going to keep a separate savings pot aside for massage funds and try and book one at least every 3 weeks as something to always look forward to. It doesn’t matter how many times you go for a massage, you’ll have a different experience each time!

What are you going to adopt into your self-care routine for the coming year? Any of these I’ve mentioned or any of your own? Let me know!


Jenny in Neverland

Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.


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  4. Beautiful tips 🌷🌷

  5. I had same goals in 2017 luckily I followed and got results, but as 2018 started I’m losing in motivation need something to keep my self on track. What would you suggest for that

  6. kmichonski says:

    Yes! All great, practical and happy-making tips!

    1. Thank you 🙂 xx

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