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Meet my January advertisers! *

#AD Happy New Year! I mean, how on earth are we in January already? I’m well aware that millions of people across the world have said the exact same thing and we’re all beginning to sound like broken records but SERIOUSLY. 2019. Twenty nineteen. I swear it was 2006 just 6 months ago. I’m super excited for this year and I’ve been working hard on my blog content and some extra behind the scenes stuff (god how pompous do I sound) but today, I’m sharing with you my first set of wonderful advertisers for the year!

First up, we have Helen Loves, a lifestyle blogger who covers a range of topics from book reviews, beauty, travel and well-being. Her blog is absolutely gorgeous and quite honestly, is my ideal type of blog I love to read and she covers basically all of my favourite topics! Yay!

Posts from Helen Loves I’d recommend:

Next up, we have Alicia By Nature, another lifestyle blogger with a bloody stunning blog who covers a range of topics including mental health, activism and advice style posts. Alicia is a fairly new blogger, having only started her blog in November last year but she has a fantastic range of posts and I always thoroughly enjoy reading them! You can also find Alicia on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Posts from Alicia By Nature I’d recommend:

  • 7 types of people that I admire
  • Where to find free high quality images for bloggers
  • Is it possible to achieve body confidence?

My next advertiser this month is Matthew, who not only runs the blog Love, Laughter, Truth but is also the author of Something Changed, a honest reflection of divorce and dating but also depression and mental health and I was lucky enough to work with Matthew on promoting his book when I ran blog tours, a few years ago! Matthew is a huge mental health advocate and can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Posts from Love, Laughter, Truth I’d recommend:

And finally, I’m wrapping up my advertisers this month with His & Hers Magazine, a fantastic magazine and blog which covers anything from fashion to food and drink and has included cover stars such are Cara Delevinge and Gok Wan. You can read their digital Winter issue right here which includes men and women’s fashion, gift ideas, interviews and more. I’m super excited to see what their next issue brings!

Posts from the His & Hers blog I’d recommend:

I hope you enjoy all my January advertisers and find some wonderful new people to follow! Please do go and give them a view and a follow on social media and I’ll be back next month with some new fabulous people!

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  2. You’ve got some great bloggers here x

    1. Thank you x

  3. I’m always excited to learn about new blogs.

    1. Hope you like them 😌

  4. I don’t know about 2006, but 2010 was definitely only last week. I think this is the first time I’ve read one of these posts and not known anyone in it!! This is exciting. I love the sound of Matthew’s blog (and book), will definitely be looking at those posts later x


    1. Awh yay hope you find some fab new people to follow 😌

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